Tiny But Mighty Titanic

On April 10, 1912, Titanic departed Southampton, England, on her maiden voyage to New York City. She sank five days later on the morning of April 15th after hitting an iceberg four hundred miles off the coast of Nova Scotia.

My tugboat man is a true waterman on land, too. When he’s not driving tugboats all around the world’s oceans and waterways, he’s surfing big and small waves here in SoCal.

I’m NOT a water lover like he is, but I enjoy kayaking and sailing (with him) our little dory appropriately named Princess Rosebud. Read all about it here: In Which Princess Rosebud Embarks Upon a Magical Journey

When my tugboat man is home between assignments, he likes to assemble models. Of boats. He’s especially fascinated with Titanic. I wrote about it here: Building A Paper Titanic.titanic

This time he created an adorable tiny sparkly silver Titanic, about six inches long, using tweezers and a magnifying glass.

tinytitanic1The details are so precious!tinytitanic2Isn’t it the cutest little thing, and so sparkly?tinytitanic3The assembled model right next to the picture on the box.tinytitanic5tinytitanic6Nope, no jokes, not going there LOLtinytitanic7On the dock.tinytitanic8I’ve searched on the internet for different models that my water loving mariner might like. I found some elaborate tugboat designs, but they’re very expensive, in the  $300-$400 range. That’s a BIT pricey for something that’ll eventually sit on a shelf to be dusted by moi.

Does your spouse have a hobby?


13 thoughts on “Tiny But Mighty Titanic

  1. The mocel is incredible. I too have a fascination with the Titanic. One view point of culture due to my study of cultural anthropology and the artifacts from that voyage. Tne other from a diffefent view point as I am also an engineer, not only its building, but also the forensic study of its destruction. My husband is interested in planes, esp WWII fighter planes. He is in the process of puttinb together a series of models of German planes. Soon however, he will bebin putting together model rockets to xet off for July 4!

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  2. Wow, that is a very cool little model. My son is a total nut about the Titanic. Books, models, more models, more books. And he builds working miniature steam engines. Garry isn’t crafty. He’s into movies and sports and has an encyclopedic knowledge of both. It’s faster to ask Garry than to Google it. That is a really nifty tiny model.

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  3. Many decades ago I had a model airplane collection. Then, one day, I just decided that I was tired of dusting them all the time, so I bought canned air and just sprayed the dust off. Then I got tired of spending all that money on canned air, so I just decided to quit collecting model airplanes, which meant that I wasn’t going to build them anymore, either. You should have seen the mess I created on the day when all my model airplanes went to war. It was World War III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X, all in my living room…………LOL

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