BIO D SUPREME: For a Healthy 2015

sunIt’s January, a new year, and the perfect time to do something about taking care of ourselves.

I don’t know about you, but I take a few supplements and vitamins and I’m getting to HATE swallowing pills and capsules.

Have you ever wondered why there wasn’t a fun and efficient way for adults to take vitamins?

Well now there is…

When a sample of Bio D Supreme SPRAY was sent to me to review, I was really excited to try it.

My doctor told me D3 is really important — even though we live in sunny southern California, it’s easy to be deficient.

And for those of you who are stuck in the house during this long, cold winter, keeping your D levels up is even more of a challenge.

From the company:

Bio D Supreme is a multi-vitamin dietary supplement. Straying away from the traditional pill form of vitamins, Bio D Supreme is a spray. Squirt it directly into your mouth—no need to wash it down with water—and take in your vitamins. It’s as simple as that. Bio D Supreme absorbs into your body ten times faster than a vitamin capsule that could take hours: getting those nutrients to your system when it needs them. It’s easy to use, portable and effective. This Vitamin D supplement helps restore energy, sharpen mental clarity, and strengthen immunity.

Give it a try!

biodsupremeAs always, I was provided product by the company for sampling and review; I was not compensated, and all the opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “BIO D SUPREME: For a Healthy 2015

  1. First comment (a joke): you mean, you don’t just take your flinstone’s chewables anymore? 😉
    Second comment: the problem with vitamin D from the sun is that it takes a very long time to absorb, and in our rush to clean the sweat from our bodies after spending time outside, we general wash away the good the oils we before we get any benefit from them… hence, something like 75% of our D deficient.
    Third comment: I’ll have to look into this spray for the Queen. She Hates (yes, capital H) swallowing pills.

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