Au Revoir, Facebook

For the last and final time, Facebook has thwarted my desire to be known far and wide by my nom de plume, Princess Rosebud.

For my friends who like me on Facebook, I am so sorry.

No longer will I be able to waste hours and hours with you.

I will miss you!

I thought the most recent ploy on their part to force me to reveal my true name was successfully sidestepped by christening myself Rose Bushes which I believed was a singularly brilliant albeit tongue-in-cheek gaming of their stupid RULES.

Today, out of the blue, Facebook shut me out again,

I give up.

This time, they demand I send them some form of “acceptable” identification, like a driver’s license or a passport, which I feel is a huge violation of my legal and privacy rights.

I will NOT be doing that.

Of course, they will say it’s their sandbox and their rules.

P.S. There’s a chance that my blog posts will still automatically appear on my now defunct FB pages but I won’t be able to comment or converse with anyone. My sincere apologies!

So be it.

Je suis Princess Rosebud.

Au revoir, my friends.

Of course, you can still be my friend on Twitter…

Ello, anyone?




17 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Facebook

  1. I never even saw you as Princess Rosebud on FB;too bad.If it wasn’t for FB,I’d go nuts in KY.
    I don’t ‘get’ Twitter.I have an account, but with all that comes in,I’d be glued to it trying to sort out what is really worth reading…I use it to enter contests.
    There is always HERE!


  2. I use Facebook to publicize my blog and now and then, wish someone a happy birthday. Post a picture. Garry uses it to keep in touch with former colleagues and old friends who have moved far away. You know why they want you real name, right? Because they make a LOT of money selling the personal information of users to advertisers and if they don’t really know who you are, you are not worth anything to them. They don’t actually care about you. They just want to make more money. It’s always about money.

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  3. I’ve never heard of anything like this! So annoying! I see you on Twitter, and like I said, on Bloglovin. Maybe you can let your readers know about Bloglovin if they’re not aware of it? That’s where all the blogs and pages I follow and read are. All in one place! If the blog isn’t there, a reader can add it. This is how I get my updates from you. What about Instagram? I’ll see you around!

    Je suis Chinwags and Tittle-Tattles 🙂


  4. They say they won’t allow your pet to have their own page either. I know several who are still on there, and they aren’t just pages – they are actually separate log-ins. I wonder why they don’t catch them and shut them out? I am convinced it’s all to do with advertising. Your dog or cat won’t buy anything so they can’t have their own ID. Stupid. I get so fed up with Facebook sometimes.

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  5. Hmmmm….
    How are you going to see all the cute videos and pictures of the Little Prince now?!?!
    Wait… never mind. I think I’m terribly lackluster with my security and all that is all public anyway. You’ll just have to bookmark the page and go browsing from time to time. 😉

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