Champagne, Cupcakes, and Candles

Let’s never forget to practice random acts of romance, OK?ChampagneCupcakesCandles1Tugboat man had to fly away for a couple of days to attend a biz meeting (not to go out to sea – that’s next week) and I decided to surprise him with a flirty homecoming.

This allowed me time to plan…

Logs are staged in the fireplace, candles are flickering, champagne and chocolate cupcakes are ready to serve; he’s gonna be one very happy hub!

When was the last time you peeled off your sweat pants, got all dolled up, and romanced your significant other?

I’m not talking about a birthday or anniversary or Valentine’s Day —  but for no special reason, just like the good old days when you were courting, when you were that different person. Know what I mean?

If you’re empty nesters like us, there’s really no excuse.

No kids, no school, nothing to interfere with rekindling the flame that brought you together in the first place.

Sadly for us though, his Southwest Airlines flight was delayed almost two hours and he didn’t get home until after midnight and was too exhausted to do much of anything except eat one of the yummy cupcakes.

The beauty of a long term marriage is that we have another opportunity. We’ll try again tonight. There are 15 14 13  12 cupcakes remaining, along with a very chilled bottle of Gruet champs.

Grand Marnier Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes adorned with pretty garden flowers.



11 thoughts on “Champagne, Cupcakes, and Candles

  1. What a lovely idea! When we were first married I often made “nice” dinners just because. (“Nice” meant my usual meh cooking, but served on our fancy wedding china with matching table linens.) I didn’t realize how much my sailor loved those dinners until he turned down an invitation to go out with the guys because I was planning one. I should do something like that again.

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  2. I totally agree. My Mr. Diamond and I are geographically separated now that he took a new job and I am back in Iowa (ugh) with house selling duties. You absolutely have to do little things to keep the romance alive. Mine include cards and letters mailed, notes hide when I am there, funny little things that I can find to remind him of me and how much I love and miss him and when we are together–yes—-a bit of that romantic stuff thrown in for good measure. Gotta keep the romance alive!

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