Oy Vey, Jon Stewart, You Broke My Heart


And right before Valentine’s Day!


Did you hear the news?

My secret fantasy, the love of my life, my all-time JewCrush, has broken my heart.

I’m verklempt.

OY, the PAIN!

#1 JewMom heartthrob: Jon Stewart.

Jon’s Goodbye

(We profess love for the dreamy Max Greenfield — Schmidt of “New Girl” — however, he’s a bit young for a true midlife fantasy as he’s about the same age of our sons — and there’s something not quite right with that scenario, if you know what I mean.)

Don’t misunderstand —  I have a special place in my heart for my erstwhile tugboat man; after all, we’ve been married for just about twenty-one years, but JON STEWART owns a huge piece of my heart (the Jewish part.)

Those blue eyes, that soupçon of unruly hair that falls rakishly across his forehead, his sort of creepy and girlish giggle — even his UBER hairy hands — no one else measures up.

His wit, his humor, his singular delivery, even his SINGING — I’m fanning myself- what will I do?

How will I survive?

What about NEWS? What about VIEWPOINT?

Don’t worry, hub knows all about how I feel about Jon — he shares the love — and never misses “Your Moment of Zen”.

We trust The Daily Show to deliver the kind of UN-biased news that reflects our perspective, our cynical and mocking attitude toward all that is political…

And he has rescue dogs! Rescue! Dogs!

I’m planning a trip to the east coast to visit Professor Angel Boy; WHAT IF I WAS IN THE AUDIENCE FOR A TAPING OF JON’S SHOW?


That would be totally awesome.


The stuff of dreams, my friends. The stuff of dreams.

Jon’s First Daily Show

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8 thoughts on “Oy Vey, Jon Stewart, You Broke My Heart

  1. I too am suffering separation anxiety. Without Jon, how will I know who to laugh at or what’s going on (really) in the world. I’m consoling myself with the hope (not unrealistic) that he is going to pop up somewhere else. Maybe he got tired of working so many hours … but we NEED him. Oy vay is mir!

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  2. I’m pretty sure I’ve never watched a single episode of The Daily Show…
    I don’t really watch news, satirical, entertainment, or otherwise, though. So, it’s not like I was cheating on Jon with some other show.
    Anyway, as a silver lining kind of thing, if he’s working less, and he starts to travel more, wouldn’t that actually increase the possibility of you accidentally bumping into him? It wouldn’t be the first time you ran into someone famous… I remember something about an Apple store and a former vice-president….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well…it’s not JUST that he was snarky; he’s actually quite savvy and brilliant, and shines a light on the hypocrisy of our politics. I understand the whole not watching news thing, tho, that’s what I watched him for haha. Unless he’s going to the Genius Bar (thanks for remembering), I don’t know if our paths will ever cross, although I WILL be in New Jersey in a few weeks and maybe I’ll try for tix to his show, MAYBE.


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