Lady Gaga, Just About The ONLY Oscar 2015 Moment Worth Watching

Most of the time, I LOVE awards shows, but #Oscar2015 was spectacularly disappointing. A snoozefest.


Oh, there were a few bright spots, like during a red carpet interview about Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson acted like a spoiled brat to her mom, Melanie Griffith. We were offered a glimpse into the dynamics of their relationship, and that was pretty funny.

And Benedict Cumberbatch drinking from a silver flask was PRICELESS. Even if it was only a prop.

I kept switching over to other shows —  I especially love the Great British Baking Show on PBS, and almost missed Lady Gaga. She was never a fave of mine; the whole meat dress thing was wrong on a million levels — I  started to love her when she teamed up with Tony Bennett, and her tribute to the Sound of Music was beyond AMAZING. Lovely, lovely Julie Andrews was so gracious to Gaga — classy, classy, classy.

Here it is; enjoy!


Did you watch the Oscars?
Did you think it was boring, too?
What was your favorite part?
Have you seen any of the winning films? (I haven’t)

16 thoughts on “Lady Gaga, Just About The ONLY Oscar 2015 Moment Worth Watching

  1. Dull, though no worse than many other years. The audio was worse than usual. Who decided to use omni-directional mikes? Good we had the closed captions.

    Even Garry was impressed by Lady Gaga’s voice. And it was good to see Julie Andrews. She looks terrific.

    It wan’t a very exciting bunch of movies this year. Any year when Grand Hotel Budapest wins four Oscars … I mean, we SAW that movie and it was not that good. It was okay, but that’s all. Oh well. Maybe next year.

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  2. Yes. I was surprised by the casualness of many of the attendants. And Scarlett Johansson’s speech- not the ‘speech’ so much as her delivery. Odd. Nasal. Odd inflections at the end of sentences. Almost robotic. If she delivered a ‘line’ like that on camera she wouldn’t be filmed. Was she drunk? On drugs? Or is she just a bad actress with good directors? We might never know.

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  3. I always love the pageantry of the Oscars so I’m never really disappointed. I agree Gaga was definitely the highlight of the show and I got a little misty when Julie Andrews (who looks INCREDIBLE) came out and hugged her. I also loved Patricia Arquette’s speech and the young man who did the “Stay Weird” speech. I love to see them use those 30 seconds to really say something important. The Oscar stage is a great platform. My choices for best dressed was Lupita Nyong ‘O and Jennifer Lopez.


    • I too liked Lupita Nyong ‘O (the pearls!) and Jennifer Lopez but I’m wishing JLo would cover up a bit more. I get it, she has boobs. So do I. The dress would have been even more amazing if they were covered up just a bit more. I found NPH to be really Unfunny, and didn’t appreciate running around in underwear, although I get the whole bit and all that. To me, there wasn’t enough humor, not enough glamour, and didn’t enjoy the singing except for Gaga.

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  4. Sadly I was traveling back from lovely warm, tequila soaked Mexico and missed the entire Oscar evening – according to you, not at all entirely a bad thing.
    But I am sad to have missed the red carpet gown critiques…


  5. You can called me a pervert, crazy women attracts my attention a lot. More than 20 years ago, it was Madonna, now is Lady Gaga who is even crazier that this quite offends Madonna. But she seems to have behave a bit. This world is full of phonies, so I don’t mind people who really dare to act out in a nonsensical or outrageous way.


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