I don’t know why anyone still wears fur with all the documentation readily available about the horrors these creatures endure-so please read and share all over the place so we can once and for all STOP torturing animals.


“A single drop of water in a lake radiates energy to become larger and larger circles”.RIPPLES                                                                

I read these beautiful words on a blogging buddy’s post  @     https://enchantedseashells.com/.

These words “spoke” to me, particularly in the light of my recent experience.

Zimbabwe is capturing baby elephants in the wild to be sold to China and the United Arab Emirates.

This is not only cruel to these elephants but breaks up the complex social structure of elephants.

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Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, was speaking at a trade conference in South Africa on April 9th.

Global March for Elephants and Rhinos requested that South African animal activists protest against this Zimbabwean trade in elephants.

Ban Animal…

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8 thoughts on “# FEEL FREE FRIDAY ~ 26

  1. I used to have some small “old fur” (from the 1950s and1940s) that I picked up 3rd or 4th or 17th hand on eBay, but eventually, I couldn’t wear it, either. I can’t even wear fake fur anymore. I just can’t. It’s like wearing the skin of friends, or the pretend fur of friends.

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