It’s Cocktail Time!


Doesn’t that look AMAZING?

Sorry to trick you like that but if I had started off telling you about wheat grass, greens, and beet powder, would you have simply passed me by?

You know you would have, don’t lie.

This cocktail is non-alcoholic, although I’m sure if you HAD to, you COULD add vodka or rum, but that would negate the whole HEALTHY aspect of this nutritous beverage.

The super nice folks at Pines International sent me Mighty Greens Superfood Blend AND my all-time fave addition to smoothies when I don’t have the real thing, Beet Juice Powder.beetpowder2

I made a simple smoothie in the blender with vegan protein, the greens, beet juice powder, and a banana.

With a sprig of fresh mint, it’s as beautiful as a hardcore cocktail without that nasty headache the next day.

Easy. DELICIOUS. Healthy.

I LOVE BEETS and so should you! The beautiful red-purple color of beet root is evidence of the amazing plant pigments known as carotenoids. While it is believed that there are at least 500 of these natural compounds, only a handful have been analyzed, with betacarotene being the best known. Beets are supposed to lower your blood pressure, fight inflammation, and boost stamina.

Try it!

Veggie Power:

I was provided no compensation, only a product sample to try and review. The opinions are my own.


11 thoughts on “It’s Cocktail Time!

  1. Okay. I have to admit this up front. If I ate as healthily as you do, I’m not sure I’d care to live longer. Mark me down as a philistine, but oy vay, I can’t imagine drinking all that glop. Oy. I need coffee. A bit of Danish. Sorry 😦

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  2. Wheat grass, greens, and beet powder, would you have simply passed me by? No, I would have run to my motorcycle, driven as fast as possible to my Roush Racing Mustang, driven as fast as I could to the airport, gotten on the fastest plane possible which would take me to Cape Kennedy in Florida, and gotten on a Space Shuttle for the trip to Pluto. I don’t even think I would have waved goodbye!……….LOL

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