Fearless Face Protection: A Review of Cosmedicine’s Even The Score Sunscreen

http://www.cosmedicine.com/even-the-scoreWhether your summer workouts consist of tennis, yoga on the beach, running through mountain trails, or surfing, sun protection moves to the top of the list of beauty priorities.

With Even The Score™ from Cosmedicine, you’ll be able to conquer your favorite outdoor activities without the interruption of sunscreen dripping into your eyes.

This miracle anti-aging sun-protection product was designed with high-performance athletes in mind and also strives for endless beauty by providing your skin with scientifically-backed nutrients for a radiant, younger-looking complexion.

Formulated without water, Even The Score won’t mix with moisture when you sweat or swim—instead, it locks in the skin’s internal hydration with a non-comedogenic protective layer of anti-aging vital nutrition.

I’ve been using Even The Score for about three weeks. I wanted to try it in a variety of activities before I wrote this review.

We used it while hiking Pinnacles in Central Cali, hub used it during every single surf sesh, and my son slathered it on while he ran up Twin Peaks in San Fran.

It performed BEAUTIFULLY and is truly water-resistant.

My son and I wear contacts and we were so pleased that we didn’t even get a drop of that usual stinging sunscreen in our eyes like we normally do, and Even The Score stayed put during hub’s surfing.

Did you know that this skincare lifesaver works for a cause?

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this product are used to fund Cosmedicine’s Even the Score™ Foundation to support skin cancer prevention efforts and furtherance of research for the cure.

Just the kind of product that gets my vote!

New to Cosmedicine?

This luxury skincare brand is steeped in the rich traditions of European based aesthetics treatment. The Cosmedicine formulation logic is unique in the marketplace and stems from the company’s mission to minimize beauty regimens while maximizing results. It provides its discerning clientele with the tools necessary to establish, maintain, and preserve beautiful, clear, healthy, and youthful skin.

When you live in California, sunscreen is second nature; we need to use it every day, and Even The Score is perfect skin protection, even if you’re just spending the afternoon gardening and you’re not charging up Condor Gulch or Mt. Whitney.


I was provided no compensation, just product for sample and review.

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