Oh Johnny Depp, you sexy old man.

johnnydeppad2Sex sells.

Have you seen Johnny Depp in the new advert for Dior’s Sauvage fragrance?

Sexy, sexy, sexy.

Like a sultry Fear and Loathing meets Jack Sparrow meets Once Upon a Time in Mexico with a soupçon of Don Juan de Marco.

Neither do I, Johnny Depp, but I’m in — deffo buying Sauvage for tugboat man and we’ll see what happens after that.

(At the very least,  I’ll go to the store — NOT Nordstrom — and bring home a free sample to see if hub turns into JD but without the bad teeth haha.)

This Jean Baptiste Mondino-conceptualized and directed video “tells a story of freedom and emotion, a man and his instincts,” a press release explains.

Raw, primal, sauvage.

Depp drives to the desert where he buries his jewelry in the middle of nowhere.

Moody, ambiguous; and I don’t care if it makes NO sense at all.

Because Johnny Depp.

Sexy even at the age of fifty-two.

From the press release:

He digs deep to find his inner animal.

Recapture it and lay himself bare.
Be one with nature,
An appeased “sauvage”, freed from his own chains.It’s a rite of passage in response to a vital instinct.
To leave the urban rage and the shallow cities behind.
And drive toward the desert, trusting the road to take him there.
Joshua Tree, mystic land, is there to teach him how to live again.
A flat, wide and powerful landscape.
Where he encounters a surreal beast.
Where the “Sauvage” shaman knows that each image is a message.He leaves in the night, and travels all day,
As the inky blue sky of dusk comes to free him.
Bury the talismans, drop the masks;
He marks his trail with a sacred Cairn to show the end of artifice.
The ceremony of a metamorphosis.
“Out of my head, into my heart”

The desert is the sign
Of a new departure.
Now he can shine.
And Johnny Depp shows us who he is…
johnny depp ad1

(I’m conflicted about the use of animals in commercials, so I’m going to do a little more research and find out where they came from and if they’re well treated.)

The ad…


6 thoughts on “Oh Johnny Depp, you sexy old man.

  1. I gotta disagree here. I don’t care who gets paid to endorse a product. If I don’t like (in this case) the scent, I’m not buying it for anyone. Why would you be influenced to buy a product just because you liked the paid actor in the advertisement? Even if he personally endorsed it, what works for one doesn’t work for all. This must be more of the California materialistic lifestyle. I don’t get it.

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