CoExist Peacefully with Dr. Bronner’s Products

dr bronner“Dr. Bronner’s continues its mission and commitment to building an engine for promoting and advancing positive social change.”

I respect this philosophy and admire a business with ethics.

I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s products since the 1970s and do the math — whatev, I admit I’m old!

Although we were well beyond the Woodstock years, at Crawford High School in San Diego, there were still a few die-hard hippie types who hadn’t totally succumbed to all that polyester disco fever, and I guess that’s the group I straddled, although I was never in a clique ‘cos that’s not how I roll.

But even then, I was a staunch animal defender (that’s how I got my wolf/malamute/akita we named Beowulf) and did a fair amount of backpacking in the Sierra Nevada like the time a friend and I were chased by a bear near Rainbow Falls. Scary and awesome at the same time!

If you ever hung out at the mysterious incense and patchouli perfumed and sawdust lined floors of the few natural foods stores in Ocean Beach or La Jolla or Oceanside, you’d find Dr. Bronner’s soaps front and center, along with the ubiquitous barrels of sunflower seeds and brown rice.

A definite pioneer. 

And way ahead of his time, if you read the fine print on the wrappers; way ahead of his time in marketing and branding, too.

I love a local company, and they’re here in San Diego, not too far away from me.

I wasn’t able to go on a tour, but they sent a package of lovely and pure products to sample and review:drbronner2

There is nothing but good things to say about all of the Dr. Bronner’s products I’ve used over the last forty-plus years.

  • High quality ingredients. ALWAYS.
  • Ethical sourcing, fair trade.
  • Organic.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Packed in 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles.

I fought to keep the toothpaste (a new product!) and the bar soap from tugboat man’s clutches — and lost; he packed them both to take with him; but the new orange lavender lotion is light but very effective in moisturizing my dry SoCal skin.

I’ve used it daily and discovered that it also makes a wonderful leave-in conditioner. Just a teaspoon or so applied to the ends of my hair turn my curly locks soft and supple.

drbronner3Thank goodness, I was able to save the liquid Peppermint Hemp soap from disappearing because there’s nothing more refreshing than a steamy shower with the purest essence of mint to lift your spirits!

Do you know Dr. Bronner’s history?
It’s fascinating. Check it out here:

And what a coincidence (are there really NO coincidences?) a local TV station aired a piece about Dr. Bronner’s:

I was provided no compensation, just product to sample and review.

Now it's your turn to share your pearls with me. Cheers!

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