Perfection versus Procrastination

Honestly, I’m having the hardest time launching the new blog I’ve been working on and teasing everyone with…

I don’t like the theme; I want to upgrade, but don’t want to spend the money.

I’ve gone through DOZENS of free theme demos and nothing feels right, it’s like Goldilocks trying out all those beds, but I haven’t gotten to the JUST RIGHT part, so my dilemma becomes this…should I proceed as it is or wait?

This is so totally ME; not being able to DO anything unless it achieves a certain level of perfection, which is mostly paralyzing, cos then I never do anything, which then leads to another case of procrastination.




7 thoughts on “Perfection versus Procrastination

  1. I bought a theme. I returned the theme. I did invest in a customization package so any theme I choose, I can change colors and fonts and some other things. I have not found the “paid for” themes better than the free ones and the customer service is definitely NOT better. It’s the same, paid for or free which is to say, you’re on your own (with exceptions). Stay with simple. The more complicated you get, the more glitches and slow-loading problems you’ll encounter. That goes for all the themes, free or paid for. Just my thoughts.

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  2. I bought the premium package that includes being ad-free and access to premium themes. I don’t know if I’m using a free one or not. Customization is an option, but I have to do it at work and I don’t bother doing it on my blog (I do this to get away from work).

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  3. It’s funny…when I worked I had everything up to the minute…retired, I put things off until I have to do them or go under!

    I’m trying to find a’platform’ for when I finish my book about my time in France…but can I find a WP theme that I like (let alone understand what it does)?

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