My Planned Parenthood

This is from my other blog, Diary of a Yummy Grandmummy, and I really wanted to share it here, too. I’m not sure about this whole OTHER blog thing…I might try to marry the two, if possible. Have a lovely weekend!

Diary of a Yummy Grandmummy


That’s me on March 22, 1981, blissfully unaware that I’d be in labor later that day, working hard for twenty-four long hours to give birth to the Angel Boy. Keeping me company is Sabrina, my faithful old Border Collie. #TBT

This’ll be my own story, the story of my planned parenthood.

BTW,  if you want to know what kind of mom I am, watch the mom, Beverly, on the Goldbergs.

I am SO her, right Angel Boy?

Around December 1979, I was twenty-five-years-old and decided that this was the perfect age and the perfect time to become pregnant.

Not one to want to leave this most important life decision to chance, my desire was to create the best womb environment for my future baby to grow and be nurtured.

According to Chris Kesser, some researchers now believe the 9 months of pregnancy are the most consequential period of…

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