Frozen Grapes: The Most Crazy Brilliant Easy Best Thing You’ll Ever Eat

frozengrapes2I don’t know how I got to be my age and never before tasted this deliciousness.

The last time tugboat man came home, he told me the boat’s cook prepared this snack as a special treat.

Frozen grapes.

He’d been waxing poetic about them pretty much the entire time he was away.

How could something so simple be so amazingly refreshing, satisfying, sweet, and with virtually zero calories?

Well, tugboat man was right.

Easy. Here’s all you need to know:

  1. Buy seedless grapes; I’ve tried green, red, and black—my personal faves are the green ones.
  2. Wash them; shake, but don’t completely dry,
  3. Place in a zip-lock plastic bag and put in the freezer.
  4. Wait about twenty-four hours.


Be prepared to be AMAZED.

Something happens to the fleshy interior of the grape; it becomes almost sorbet-like.

No sugar is required because of the natural high sugar and acid level acts as a preservative.

Wait a few seconds before biting into a frozen grape because they’re ROCK HARD directly out of the freezer.

It’s a totally healthy delightful plus guilt-free dessert or snack for kids, too!

There are many different versions to dress them up, from rolling in melted chocolate and chia seeds to marinating in wine, but we like the simple unadorned version.

P.S. Toss a few frozen grapes into your fave chardonnay—keeps it chilled without diluting like an icecube!


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