It Hit Me Like a Wrecking Ball

Yesterday I was on the beach at our Agua Hedionda Lagoon with a friend, taking photos just before sunset when the light was perfectperfectperfect.

It took me about ten minutes to walk home.

Without warning, I was shaking with chills, a headache, and a 101.5 temp.

Just like that.

It hit me like a wrecking ball.

I couldn’t get warm. I took a hot shower, drank scalding tea, and made miso soup.

Finally, five hours later, my teeth stopped chattering and I started burning up.

You want to know when I really miss my tugboat man?

It’s times like this, when I wish he were here to bring me Tylenol and a cold compress; toast and tea.

It’s these little things; the “in sickness and in health” kinds of things-that weave the fibers of a marriage.

Yup, I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself right about now.

Anyone want to bring me a cuppa?





45 thoughts on “It Hit Me Like a Wrecking Ball

  1. I just found your blog, and am so glad I did! As the girlfriend of a merchant mariner who works on a tug I’d been looking for other women in similar relationships who’d understand what it’s like. I hope you both enjoyed your holidays together. I myself hurt my back 2 days after he went back to work and am currently feeling bad for myself with no one to take care of me as you were a few weeks ago. Trying to put on my big girl panties and deal with it without whining…too much at least, haha. It may be a loooong 3 weeks! 😕

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    • Emily, I’m glad you found me! I hope you take good care of your back and if I might be really really honest here, so much bad stuff has happened in the last month that it’s going to be hard to continue to write positive things about our long distance type of relationships. You need to be very very careful about how much you trust your bf working around other women. I never thought in a million years anything might happen but guess what, I was wrong. Now I’m dealing with so much pain and shock. My advice is to BE aware, if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. Sorry to be a downer, but I need to be honest with my fellow women who wait for their men to come home. My world is forever changed.


      • Thank you so much; I’m so sorry you have gone through this; it’s not my first rodeo myself, but it’s been 25 years and a different husband. I don’t know if I’ll ever trust again. He left today after only 3 weeks home, which is when he told me the devastating news about “having feelings” for one of his crewmembers ( a girl) and it all happened while he was away the last time for 3 months. While I was home missing him, being innocent, being an idiot, and planning for his homecoming celebration. I’m going to delete these personal comments from my blog in case family members read it, but here’s my email …


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