One Year Older…

Happy Birthday to all May babies (and ME ME ME ME)

I’m reminded of my Hello Kitty birthday three years ago that was AMAZING and so much fun.

Hello Kitty is My Soul Sister…

No Hello Kitty this year, no special plans — my life has undergone a planetary shift of gigantic proportions, but I’ll try to find a level of JOY, because why NOT?

Reasons to be happy:
1. I’m alive
2. I’m breathing
3 Β My new grandson is healthy and amazing
4. Birds are singing
5. The garden is thriving

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean everything.


19 thoughts on “One Year Older…

  1. It’s so, so often the little things where hope and happiness can be found. I’m glad you’re so determined to have a great birthday, and YAY to your wonderful grandson. How lovely πŸ˜€

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      • Well dear one now listen up. There are a number of applicable responses so as a repeated divorcee here they are (and I swear they are true: The best revenge is soar! Wear cute clothes, do your makeup and get out every day. Sashay yourself around with the brightest lipstick and the biggest smile. At first you have to fake happiness and it is only in the dark of night you let your heart break. Be so happy he won’t know what to think. Prove your life is happier and richer without his cheating ass. Oh and by the way if you are not angry then get angry! Don’t get bitter just so goddamn mad you could spit. You been bruised and anger will clean out that wound. Get to the gym and start punching something. DON’T LET ANYONE KEEP YOU DOWN! With the trash gone you can build the new and stronger and sexier vital you. YOU ARE MADE FOR BETTER SHIT THAN THIS! Now go gettem!

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