Walking away…The bittersweetness of it.

Nothing stays the same.

Children grow.

No matter how much you want them to remain babies that simply smile, sleep, poop, and eat, children don’t stay that way forever.

As soon as they begin to move, to crawl, to walk; the rest of their life seems to be dedicated to moving AWAY from us.

I visited sweet Angel Boy 2.0 recently and my overall observation was of his back, moving TOWARD what caught his eye, what intrigued him, and what was the next obstacle to surmount.

No longer a baby, AB 2.0 walks and runs everywhere; his autonomy and confidence is a magnificent thing to behold, albeit a bit scary, too.

He’s fearless, this amazing boy of my boy.


Contemplating a sea of possibilities


His confident and empowered stride


The world is endlessly fascinating


A boy and his balloon


The magic of salmon


My two boys, Angel 1.0 and 2.0

6 thoughts on “Walking away…The bittersweetness of it.

  1. My heart! Beautiful.

    I just had a five year old in the house for a week. What a busy and curious stage of life. So fun when it’s not 24/7/365. Now I understand why people look forward to becoming grandparents.

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  2. ah, your grandson and my two are close in age…I remember when you and I posted about the pregnancies!! I have a granddaughter due in November now too. I never imagined how much I could love grandbabies but I am foolishly besotted with them. !!!! ❤

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