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As I’m sure a lot of us have been doing lately, I’ve been contemplating Blogger or some other blogging platform because in all seriousness, the Block Editor SUCKS. I’ve tried to surmount my initial criticism of it and learn how it operates (an old dog learning new tricks) but it’s still REALLY not user friendly. Anyway, here’s a very interesting and intelligent post regarding the pros and cons of Blogger.

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  1. I used Blogger years back a little, and it did, as the article said, require much social media promotion to get it noticed. I actually love the Blocks Editor now. I came up with new expletives the 1st weekend, then I listened to myself doing that. I treated it like a Retrograde planet and downshifted and just tried to break it to learn it all that weekend Now, with re-usable blocks for footers and picture groupings I work with when doing a blog series, it’s much faster. And, being able to move blocks around with two clicks, click on the paragraph/block, click the arrow buttons to move it up or down. The toolbox often gets in my way, and it can slow things down, though I now find it easier to go slow to go faster. THere’s a lot of power in the Blocks Editor if you take a solid, focused time to play with it with no intent to post, and simply draft and craft dummy blogs to try out the features.

    I hear that a lot of people don’t like that their choice has been removed, and it’s trouble, and a hassle, and, though it’s my understanding there is a Classic Editor option somewhere. I have no idea where, though, because Blocks has made me like WordPress even more. Plus, I have a premium site and my website URL is my name and switching that over would cause me to lose the next 9 months I’ve already paid for. Plus, my WordPress blogs get picked up by Google faster and faster. I have several, standing “Google Alerts” for my name, my tarot deck, my website, some of my more involved series work key words. It’s not taking longer than 1-2 days tops now for me to get an email that notifies me of the content of my last post. And, that to me is priceless so I don’t feel like I’m firing off posts out past the edge of the Universe never to be seen again.

    I appreciate you posting the article so I could revisit that, though I am wonderfully unconvinced Blogger would work for my needs. WordPress drives approx 38% of the internet or something like that, and I’m generally happy with it. The Reader vs out to my actual website gig is a bit of a 2-step, though manageable.

    Thanks again for posting this. May I suggest to watch 2 or 3 short videos on YouTube about how to use blogger, and as well maybe search on WordPress itself and Automatic for tutorials. I had a steep learning curve, simply dialed in to no waste trouble, and as Jodorowski’s Chariot said when it spoke, “I made a diamond out my misfortune.” Best of luck. I hear your pain.

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    • I have pretty much mastered it and I still don’t like it. It’s a preference thing and the blocks interrupt my thoughts and flow of writing. I like to be in control and there are now impediments. Literally BLOCKS. I might do another one on Blogger on another subject. I offer the reblogged post as a public service to those I know have suffered more than me.

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      • Excellent perspective on how to approach it from your perspective. You caused me to slow down and see what I do naturally as an Architect that was hidden from me on my response. I shift focus and completely re-direct scale all the time with ease, and Blocks facilitates me picking up the whole Part I am updating/modifying the scale with. Thanks for clue-I gotta me in to something. Naturally do from 4 decades of training, that I can’t expect others to even have an inkling of as a tool. Thank you. It dialed in an enforcement for me to inspect my expectations. I’ll look forward to where it shakes out for you. If you migrate over there, please drop a note, so I can see your posts from wherever they emanate.

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  2. When my son was little, I created a blog on Blogger to keep family and friends in the loop of the fast growing tyke. After a while I really didn’t like it. And as much as the new block editor does suck, I’m probably here to stay.

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