I Know What Boys Like

I’m talking about my magical ability to pick out great birthday gifts, haha, not anything else!

Do you remember that song from the 80s by the Waitresses? Once it gets into your head, it’s there FOREVER, trust me.

Here’s the question: what do you get a five-year-old that really and truly has EVERYTHING in the world?

Angel Boy 2.0 has a surfboard, a paddleboard, skateboard, bicycle, skiis, his own swing set and climbing frame, so many toys he could open a store, and his very own bouncy castle.

I’ve been noticing for quite a while that when we FaceTime, he takes photos and loves to look at pictures he calls “memories”.

For his special birthday present, I found a child’s camera by Rikum that takes pictures and video with fun filters and frames. Best of all, it’s rechargeable and not reliant on batteries.

I’m hoping to nurture a real interest in photography because I love it, too.

And it was a hit! He got so many MORE presents for his birthday, but I’m told the top three most favorite was a remote control intelligent robot, a remote control truck with huge foam wheels, and my camera.

I absolutely recommend this product if you’re looking for a cool gift that isn’t a video game and will encourage lots positive self esteem, interaction and creative skills, while learning to observe the world through the lens of a camera. (This is an unsolicited product review; I received no compensation of any kind.)

Yay for knowing what boys like!

7 thoughts on “I Know What Boys Like

  1. I got a camera for Christmas from my father, a photography enthusiast, when I was about 8. I didn’t receive any instruction or assistance with it, but I loved it all the same. Still love having a camera and taking pics. Starting young can really help!

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    • How cool is that! I guess if you had to discover the camera by yourself, that’s not totally negative, right? got my first camera when I was 10 and later have taken a few classes.Every once in a while, I’m lucky enough to snap a magical pic. I hope this starts T on a life of observing through the perspective of a lens as another pair of eyes.

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      • I took a community education class one year as an adult, but I was too poor to get all my film developed. Then there were many years in which I had no camera after the ex-husband took it in the divorce. Times I don’t like to remember. But I enjoy learning things on my own, so it all worked out.

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      • My brother was a great photographer and we had a darkroom in the basement. He taught me how to process my own film, not that I remember how, but I can conjure up the smell of the chemicals. I took a class in high school that wasn’t great-the teacher was inappropriate with me-but then I took a few classes at the community center and the instructor was amazing. I wish I could go back to Yellowstone and get a long long lens to take pics of the wolves in Lamar Valley.

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