A Light Bulb Moment


Photo by Luca Nardone on Pexels.com

I don’t know how long it’s been since I needed to buy light bulbs; maybe five or six years, something like that.

I can’t remember exactly, but I had so many of them go out at the same time that I was compelled to navigate the light bulb aisle at a local home and hardware store.

I must have looked sufficiently confused because an employee walked over to me and said, “I’d ask you if you need help, but I can tell you do!”

I DID need help!

Apparently, I’ve been on another planet because the entire light bulb industry has changed while I’ve been gone.

Weird shaped bulbs, lumens, CFL, LED, halogen, incandescent, wattage, energy saving, HID, voice-enabled, smartphone technology–pretty soon even the light bulbs will be listening to our conversations like Alexa and Siri. It’s a whole new world.

I paid no attention to the lesson he gave me (sorry, nice man) but I told him what I wanted or what I used to have in the good old days, and let him choose the appropriate replacements.

They’re also way more expensive than they used to be, also a shock, but when I got home and restored illumination to previously darkened rooms, I was grateful for his kind assistance.

8 thoughts on “A Light Bulb Moment

  1. A shock, isn’t it? I’ve been through it too. One day my husband came home with a bunch of low energy light bulbs and began to take all the incandescent bulbs out of our lamps and put in the new ones. I looked at him incredulously asking what he planned to do with the old bulbs. Well, he put them in a bag. There was never a thought of, oh, I don’t know, waiting for our current bulbs to burn out and THEN replace them with new efficient bulbs. (face palm) And now we have a bag of partially used lightbulbs sitting around. Fortunately we’ve been using them in our pump house, where the heat of the bulbs helps keep our water pipes from freezing in the winter.

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