For a Princess-in-Training

How could anyone resist this sparkly butterfly shirt and frilly tutu?

Not me, that’s for sure.

I can’t wait to send this to the one and only Angel Girl 2.0 and watch her twirl.

There’s not much else going on in SoCal on this quiet Sunday.

PS I kinda wish they had this in MY size so I could feel like a princess ballerina, too.

9 thoughts on “For a Princess-in-Training

  1. I hope your granddaughter is the girly girl you want. I had 2.5 tomboys, so I knew that they don’t all want the frills and ruffles. My mother kept sending the youngest girl sweet dresses – that she refused to wear. My mother never understood that her grandchild had a mind of her own that was different than her grandmother’s. So you might consider a cautious approach at first, as you learn what she likes. Maybe she’ll be just like you! But maybe she’ll be different yet still marvelous.

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    • Point taken, and I WAS neutral until I sent her a sparkly flowery backpack and she wouldn’t put it down and the clothes she picks out to wear have flowers on them. She’s also very much her brother’s equal and likes to play with his toys as much as her own, so I like to think she’s balanced in that way! She wore a tutu last Halloween and it got too small for her, so that’s why I got a new one.

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      • Ha, ha! I had three children born female. One was half-girly-girl an half tomboy. So she is the .5. But honestly, one of my daughters is now my son, and I really don’t know how to categorize him. He would not tolerate pigtails or dresses from a very young age. I thought he was going to be a dyke lesbian to be honest, but he chose to be trans-male. The other daughter did not become a girly-girl until in her 20’s. So I’m a bit sensitive to how each kid has their own preferences. I accept them as they are, as they accept me. I’ve never been a girly-girl and never liked princess dresses, tu-tus, etc. They don’t expect me to change, so I don’t expect them to.

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      • I think what you describe is the ultimate mothering-to love them as they are without condition. Much respect to you. At the end of the day, rainbow tutus or not, it’s only always about love. I feel so horrible for kids who don’t have parents they can be themselves with–my heart breaks.

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