My Cinderella Moment

My poor little foot is finally healing properly because I FINALLY stopped re-breaking it since I didn’t know it was broken. It hasn’t been easy due to the fact that I HATE inertia coupled with the fact that I am an outdoor girl who NEEDS to keep moving. But I did and now I’m nearly ready to resume full activity.

The lingering issue is that my shoes might have contributed to the break. They had a lot of miles on them and had lost their cushion-y gel protection, which meant I needed to research and purchase new athletic shoes.

This is where Cinderella enters stage left…

There are SO MANY new brands. Asics had been my go-to brand for a decade, but I needed something more cushy and supportive, but NOT orthopedic, oh hell no.

I tried on all sorts of shoes…Hoka, New Balance, more Hoka, different versions of Asics-in all price ranges, until finally FINALLY, the nice person at Roadrunner suggested Brooks for high mileage walking. Hmmm, this was a new one, I had never worn Brooks, but research revealed they’re a great brand.

This is my Cinderella moment. I tried them on and they fit perfectly. It’s not a glass slipper but I’m more than satisfied that I’ll be able to hit the ground running as soon as my next x-ray. Plus, they’re CUTE, right?

Introducing my new Brooks. I’m not sure why the style is called “Ghost“, do you?

4 thoughts on “My Cinderella Moment

  1. Congratulations! it’s a huge drag that over time our feet get tired and (IMO) more brittle. I wore heels for years and about fifteen years ago that resulted in a fallen metatarsal. OK, got an insert. Then when I broke my foot two years ago, things changed for my foot, too. My ex — who was a runner — loved Brooks more than any other shoes. After Salomon sold their trail runner to Adidas and it became an Adida (NOT the same!) I switched to Asics and they were great. Nowyou I wear Asolo hiking shoes or desert boots with my inserts. I’m no longer a high mileage walker, though my feet would tell you they’re getting enough. I guess I’m a moderate mileage stationary bike rider who cuts loose whenever possible to take a walk. Pretty much alternate days. You can only argue so far with pain before you end up injured. Bear’s here telling me it’s a walking day. I just told her I know that but I have to go get an eye exam. ❤ enjoy your shoes! Walk happily! Say hello to the chaparral for me and thank it, once more, for all it gave me.

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    • Yes to lots of high high heels and toe shoes that squeezed my poor little feet to death. I still love heels but the last time I wore my pointe shoes, I’m sure my old ballet mistress was turning over in her grave. I have great hiking boots, no problem with trails, but it’s the street walking (HAHAHAHA)or I should say sidewalk walking that seems to be hard on my toes. Good to know about Brooks, I’m hopeful plus I did get inserts too.

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