Friday German Lesson: Die Vorfreude and Waldeinsamkeit

Vorfreude is Schadefreude’s happier little sister.

In honor of my fully tenured German professor son, (since I am and will always own the title of obnoxiously proud mom), I’ve learned a couple new words to toss around at the dinner table.

Vorfreude is pretty much the opposite of Schadenfreude and it roughly translates to “joyful anticipation” which is what the Angels (and ME) are definitely feeling a week before Christmas! I love the holidays like I’m still five years old.

Waldeinsamkeit refers to the feeling one has while being alone in the woods, usually a sublime or spiritual one.

I feel a lot of Vorfreude before a hike in the forest, where I experience intense Waldeinsamkeit.

Here’s my attempt at a complete sentence…I’m sure I’m torturing the pronunciation, but my son will happily correct me.

Ich verspüre viel Vorfreude, bevor ich auf eine Wanderung im Wald gehe, wo ich erlebe Waldeinsamkeit.

I hope that makes sense, if not, please help me with my grammar, thank you!

Good times, everyone!

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