Empty Nest or Full, Mother Knows Best

Single status: Day 50

Yup, tugboat man’s been gone since March 10.

I’ve almost forgotten what he looks like, and if he didn’t make a brief satellite call once a week, I’d forget what his voice sounds like, too.

This is the transitional time for absentee spouses.

The initial missing of his constant presence is OVER, life goes on, and my own routine is firmly established.

It looks like he should be home in about two weeks or so, PROBABLY missing my birthday, but in time to go camping with son/DIL, which is my birthday present, so I don’t mind being alone on my bday if it means he’s for sure home for the celebration.

And just in time for Mother’s Day, an Anna’s Hummingbird built her nest right outside our kitchen window on the deck, on HUMMINGBIRD WIND CHIMES.hummingbirdchimes

Isn’t this the craziest thing?

Do you think my little hummingbird KNOWS where she is?


It’s magical, watching her build her nest out of spider webs and feathers. I touched it and it feels like a handwoven sweater, soft but strong.hummingbird5

Can’t stop taking pics; look at that beautiful color.

hummycloseup4A Mommy hummy in flight.


Isn’t this amazing?


2015-04-26 05.18.22

Mom doesn’t mind when I walk back and forth or get up close and personal for pics, but she’s so protective of her nest when another bird flies into her personal space.hummyapril29(7)An egg!! There are supposed to be two; waiting for the next one!


Hummingbird sitting on hummingbird nest on hummingbird chimes.

Could anything be more adorable?

Who needs a dumb old tugboat man when this magic is inches away?



sometimes it sucks to be married

to a husband whose career takes him away from home for weeks at a time.

Like when you’re sick and he’s not here.

What about the “in sickness” part of the marriage vows?

When my mariner isn’t feeling well, I’m always his Florence Nightengale to nag  nurse him back to health.

But who can a mariner spouse turn to when she’s alone and suffering?

More importantly, if no one is here, who can I whine and complain to?

My symptoms…
100.4 degree temperature
Really bad sore throat
Achy all over
Runny nose

In other words, an upper respiratory infection and possibly a viral lung infection and my tugboat man is offshore.

Because I have chronic asthma and because my throat felt like I was swallowing shards of glass, I went to the doctor on Thursday and he informed me that what I have is going around and it’s bad.

I’m digestive-sensitive to most antibiotics; we started with the only one that doesn’t bother my stomach, the five-day Z-pak, but my doc didn’t think it was strong enough to work, and wanted to see me today for a breathing test and more meds.

It totally sucks to be alone and not have a hub here to bring me cold compresses and endless cups of ginger tea.

In case you were wondering, there are provisions in an emergency for a mariner to contact his company and request a relief captain.

In fact, hub asked me if I needed him to start the process to come home early, but he’s already scheduled to be here on Tuesday, so as much as I’d like to have him here to cater to my needs, I don’t think this situation is all that dire.

I know I’m slightly disdainful of the whole Valentine’s Day hoopla, but I was very grateful for this lovely bouquet of roses and tulips he sent to cheer me up.

(I don’t really understand signing it “your husband”…maybe he thought he’d been gone so long that I would forget him? A reminder?)
flowers roses and tulips