Child Shaming WTF

Could we please stop having children if we’re going to make their childhood and adult lives miserable? Please? I have just about had it with the child shaming crap.


I get it that you were probably treated like shit by your parents or parent or babysitter or daycare or left to your own devices. I get that. And I’m sorry you weren’t loved and guided properly. But pull-eazze stop ruining the emotional psyches of the next generation.

Making your eight-year-old kid wear a t-shirt to school that proclaims to the world that they shoplift or pretending they’re a living breathing Elf Shaming Doll is abusive.

Read my lips. ABUSIVE.

I’m supposed to be getting ready for my tugboat man to come home in a few hours and now I’m all riled up and pissy and looking for a fight.

I had the news on this morning (big mistake) and saw Matt Lauer and a few women: Star Jones, Nancy Snyderman, and Suzie Orman (I think, I was only halfway paying attention to who was saying what) talking about this most recent example of “child shaming” and why it’s unhealthy and abusive and just plain MEAN. At least they all agreed it was horrible.

Unlike elf shaming, which I thought was funny for about ten seconds.

Then I Googled “child shaming” and found the story of the dad who posted on Reddit a picture of his three-year-old wearing a sign shaming her for pooping in the shower. I’m not going to perpetuate the inappropriateness or abuse of this child by posting the pic or the link.

I’m outraged.

Children need love. They don’t deserve public humiliation or to be fodder for social media.

Don’t you agree? Am I all alone on this island?

I gotta go. I still don’t know what I’m wearing to the airport!

THIS is what we need more of, right? Lots of hugs and kisses.

loving moments with a young child

P.S. Not my baby, you can tell because there’s not a curl in sight!

One Million Moms see bestiality in a Geico commercial.

One Million Moms see bestiality in a Geico commercial.

Pop the champagne, it’s sexy time!

I guess this world isn’t all about seashells and Chanel.

OK de-Wordpress. You’ve lost this draft two times already. I’ve hit SAVE twice and watched it disappear. Don’t you like the subject matter? I’ve gone to a Word document to try and recreate my brilliance ONE LAST TIME.

I used to work at a local TV station
I don’t watch a lot televised news. I do love me some Daily Show with Jon Stewart because he’s so witty and very well informed about the important news from around the world. That’s it, I swear, not ‘cos I crush on Jon. Riiigghht.

I used to work at a local TV news station and quickly became disenchanted with the whole business and especially the way crime victims are treated.

Instead of becoming the investigative journalist truthseeker/writer I had hoped for, I was relegated to calling the morgue to find out if anyone important had died overnight (way before internet) and the one and only murder I covered really made me nauseous.

I was coached about how to approach the mother who had lost her son to an act of violence. She had tears streaming down her face and I was told to shove that microphone in her face and ask her how she felt about the death of her son. Couldn’t do it. Not for me. I left soon after and have always been disdainful of the vulture-like reporters who converge on a tragedy—anything for ratings.

How does that relate to bestiality?
I had the local news on before I went to the gym this morning, mainly to see about the weather (another beautiful and sunny day–duh), but my ears perked up when they reported about the Million Moms protesting that adorable Geico commercial with the piggy.

Old fedora felt hat with a press cardI had to put on my investigative reporter hat and do a little research because at first I thought it was a joke. I mean, it had to be a joke, right?

First, I watched the commercial. To refresh your memory, Geico usually employs a talking gecko. FYI, the Million Moms have a prob with the gecko, too. Not kidding.

You know what I see? An advertisement for insurance with an adorable little piggy talking and driving a car and enjoying a bit of banter with a human. Funny. Cute. NOT BESTIALITY.

If you can interpret that as a human and an animal having sex, that says more about your disgusting and perverted mind than it does about me. We can all agree that it’s not right to have sex with an animal—that is animal ABUSE—but that is NOT what’s going on here.

the-3-little-pigs-largeHow about the children’s book Three Little Pigs? I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down. How do you interpret that, you bunch of lunatics? HUFFPUFFBLOW. Are we talking fellatio here? What? Drug use? What?

Or Little Red Riding Hood?redriding2
Huh? How about the wolf that dressed up like an old lady? Transgender? Cross-dresser? Hiding in her bed? Oh, the horrors!

As a good reporter, I’m presenting the other side: 

Here’s what the Million Crazy Moms Idiots have to say…

Maxwell the Geico pig goes on a date in Geico’s new piggy commercial. In Geico commercial, the pig and a young female are in a parked car on a lover’s lane. The car is actually broken down, but while sitting there the girl appears to be turned on by the pig. She hints that she wants to make out. She is disappointed when she learns the tow truck is on the way and they won’t be able to “pass the time.”

Geico has succeeded in offending its customers with this inappropriate advertisement. One Million Moms has received numerous complaints because Geico’s new commercial plays with the idea of bestiality. Parents find this type of advertising repulsive and unnecessary. Airing a commercial with an animal in it will surely grab children’s attention, but this is a horrible commercial for families to see. Geico does not have our children’s best interest in mind.

The Geico Marketing Team may have thought this would be humorous, but it is disgusting to see how the company takes lightly the act of bestiality. Let Geico know their new ad is irresponsible.

And here’s what I have to say:


How about rallying FOR something that might actually do some GOOD in the world ‘cos y’all don’t speak for me. When I think about all the positive change you could engender with your collective voices, I can’t believe this is what you choose to get pissed off about. Wow.

Here are some alternatives for you to sink your teeth into:

▪   Rape—girls, boys, women, men—all of it is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

▪   Guns. Remember Sandy Hook? I do.

▪   Child abuse

▪   Animal cruelty

▪   Elder abuse

▪   The homeless

▪   The hungry

Nowhere on any list of any rational human being will you find get rid of the Geico commercial because it promotes bestiality.

You know what sickens ME, you bigoted hypocrites? You do! You don’t advocate “loving animals”, but you’re all okie dokie with murdering them and EATING them? Want some bacon? A side o’ ribs? Have at it!  It’s perfectly acceptable for you to allow an animal to be born into a horrible cruel environment, and butcher it so it can feel a hell-hole of pain just so you can stuff your big fat self righteous faces with the FLESH of a once living breathing creature that YOUR God put on this earth.

Or so you think—it’s just your CONJECTURE—I CHOOSE DARWIN.

Yes, Princess Rosebud, the world is not full of seashells and Chanel, but it OUGHT to be.

Daily Prompt-Time Capsule

I don’t know what just happened with my previous publish. Maybe the Elf on a Shelf has infiltrated the offices or computers at WordPress, but it all went haywire, deleted 90% of my Time Capsule post and then re-posted a re-blogged post. Drinks all around! Sorry for the annoyance. Hopefully, this goes right…

The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 “Time capsule”?

In 1990, when my son was in elementary school, they created a time capsule and included items like mini-skateboards, sand, Vans shoes, Airheads, Nerds ,Pop Rocks, and a surfing video, “Gleaming the Cube“. The list of favorite songs (girls) included “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips and Madonna’s “Vogue”. The boys liked Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses. His favorite (and most annoying) saying was “talk to the hand”.

If I wanted to communicate with the future (assuming there is one), I don’t have a clue what to pack away. I’m embarrassed by our callous disregard for the environment, our children, and animals.  I don’t think that a box of things conveys my personal message to those who inherit the earth, (except of course for the assortment of my favorite seashells.)

My time capsule would be more of a plea or a wish list.

1. By this time, I hope you’ve learned to honor and respect animals.

2. I hope with all my heart that you never abuse or mistreat any living creature.

3. I hope you don’t EAT animals anymore, and that you’ve created another nutritious food  source that isn’t based on death.

4. I hope you’ve figured out how to feed and house starving people everywhere.

5. Please look at the news for 2012 and realize that child abuse must be abolished.

6. I wish for every child to know a life of love and nurturing.

7. Take a look at this photo of the Arctic and vow to become global stewards and protect the world, not destroy it.

8. Read a lot of history books. Read the classics. Read a lot. Learn. Think. Care.

9. See the video I’ve included of injured and broken men and women in uniform?

10. Please end war.