Daily Prompt: The Clock

I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.

He wasn’t supposed to be home until the next day.

“Get UP!

“Get your clothes and get out NOW!

“No, not that way, go out the back door. Hide in the shed until I give you the signal and then open the back gate and GO!”

Thank goodness we had the foresight to park his car around the block. Nosy neighbors, ya know.

I heard the garage door open and knew that I had barely enough time to make the bed and erase all the clues that I wasn’t alone.

Running into the bathroom, I turned the water on and jumped in the shower to wash away any traces of what had just happened.

I had not taken off my single strand of pearls; I’m never without them.

“Hi June, I’m home! Where is everyone? I’m famished. What’s for dinner?”

“Hello Ward, how was your business trip? I am VERY upset with the Beaver; he was sent to the principal’s office again for having his shirt untucked, and Wally got in some mischief with that Eddie Haskell. You’re going to have to speak to the boy.”

Ward hadn’t noticed a thing; as long as he had his newspaper handed to him and the scent of a roast in the oven, he would never suspect that June didn’t spend her entire day cleaning in high heels.

This is the backstory of  the Cleavers, that lovely suburban family in “Leave it to Beaver

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