The view from here

  • FurFiles and I have organized a little Skype baking session–yes, we’re going to make apple pies together–my good friend and neighbor from another country are going to put on our aprons (well, I am) and slice some apples and roll out some dough! Doesn’t that sound like so much fun? Technology can be awesome, that’s for sure.
  • Hubs and I went on the Palm Spring Aerial Tram yesterday and hiked all over in the snow at 8,000 ft. Took a lot of pics and will get to that post prolly when you-know-who leaves on Sunday.
  • Tomorrow is the launch of our rowing dory and we’re having a christening party here at Casa de Enchanted Seashells. Should be fun! You can’t believe how pretty this little boat is. Pics and post to come.
  • Working on the menu for my tugboat man’s last nice dinner before he flies away on Sunday. I’d love it if you shared your suggestions. Don’t forget we’re vegetarians–hope that doesn’t limit your options!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a “hate” with you.

I hate hate hate the little plastic things that conceal toilet bolts; I can’t explain why (maybe a shrink could, but that’s a whole other topic LOL)  but they really bug me, and one day I took the plastic off while I was obsessively cleaning. My seashell-saturated mind came up with  the brilliant idea of replacing it with a seashell, which fit perfectly, and I think it’s a great improvement!

I daubed a bit of Museum Putty on the underside to hold it in place. I use QuakeHold or Museum Putty to secure lots of things that I don’t want to glue or hot glue. It works great and doesn’t leave a mark.

The view from my throne…

Hi, I see you!

Hi, I see you!

The toilet improvement…Beautiful!


And a bit closer…don’t worry, it’s clean, I promise!toilet 2

Happy Thursday!


Our nautical Christmas 2012

My tugboat man brought back some treasures and cool marlinspike seamanship projects he worked on while he abandoned me was away for two months.

What do you think of the captain’s welcome home signs?


This picture frame is huge–2 ft. x 3ft.

Marlinspike seamanship picture frame

This is a close-up view of his masterful work.

close up frame

My mariner found a float in the harbor and crafted a delicate netting in black.


And then we worked together to make it into a lamp! The base is a piece of driftwood. The captain’s making some fancy knotwork to embellish the shade.


Princess Rosebud was spoiled with a necklace from a craft fair somewhere near where Santa lives.


Sparkly! Shiny!

 He fashioned a pretty little handmade tray with copper tubing sides and handles and filled it with shells and driftwood!


We had welcome home festive cocktails of cranberry juice and vodka with a fresh cranberry in our antique champagne glasses.


And yummy ginger cookies…


Our Downton Abbey-inspired dinner table.

xmasdinnerHis mess, which has since been cleaned up!


Now he has a new project–when he’s not surfing– refinishing a rowboat and making it seaworthy.


Such is the life of a tugboat captain’s wife! I’m a happy girl, that’s for sure!