Made in the USA: Muscle Milk Organic

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I still have a few samples to review, and this is one I’m really excited to share with you. (As always, I received product, but no other compensation.)

Rich, creamy chocolate. Need I say more? Vanilla is yummy too, don’t get me wrong, but the first sip of the chocolate Muscle Milk Organic made my mouth do a happy dance.

Once again, I sent a sampling to my son to offer his opinion.

He’s goes from zero to sixty from the moment he wakes up: teaching at university, then running, hiking, surfing, biking until dark — he gave me an honest critique by email:

“Mom, it’s DELICIOUS. Send more!” Just like a kid, right?

On the go, as a snack, or for post workout recovery, toss a couple of boxes in your gym bag or backpack. It’s completely ready-to-drink:

  • 120 CALORIES

From the website: “Protein is nature’s building block. After a workout your body demands it to recover and grow stronger. We’ve developed Muscle Milk® Organic with 15 grams of organic protein to help you recover after your workout. We sweetened it with organic cane sugar and organic stevia for a light, delicious taste. It’s low in saturated fat and cholesterol and is gluten free, making it a healthy and guilt-free source of protein whenever your body needs it.”

Hey, it’s made in the USA — we need to support our home grown companies!