Nothing Much…My Boring Albeit Enchanted Life

Remember in the old days when blogging was so easy, simply recording the minutiae of our daily lives —  maybe with a pithy comment or brilliant insight tossed in for good measure?

The good old days….

I’m going old skool today ‘cos I don’t feel like being witty.

Got woken up yet again by our asshole neighbor at 4:57 a.m. as he drove off with a racing muffler. Don’t even get me started on that. We’ve had to endure this hell for a year.

Used my asthma inhaler that looks like a bong,

Took Levoxyl ‘cos I’m slightly hypothyroid. I know most people think I’m HYPER ‘cos I’m always running around, but I’m not.

Ground beans for delicious French roast coffee. No Starbucks for me!

Sometime in October, not exactly sure of the date, I broke the third toe on my right foot. That’s not such a big deal for me since I break my toes like toothpicks, but this one hasn’t healed properly even though I buddy-taped it immediately. It’s got an ugly bump on it, still red and kinda hurts, which means I need to see a doc.

The dumb part is that I thought I’d straighten it out myself and pulled and pushed on it last night before bed — and now it hurts more than ever.

Not a good idea; don’t do it!

BRB…having a second cup of java goodness.

I’m back!

I’m going to a Body Pump class at the gym.

After that, I need a few extra things at the grocery store…tomatoes, bell peppers, avocados. I forgot them yesterday ‘cos I saw a friend at the store and it threw me off my game. Got distracted.

Oh, and Rumpelmintz. It’s a holiday tradition with me and my tugboat man. The first time he ever said “I love you” was on Christmas 1991. It involved peppermint schnapps.(Look for a post about that momentous and life changing occasion.)

Phone is ringing. Hold on…It was my friend who called to make sure I was going to the gym this morning so I could save her a spot.

The remainder of the day involves house cleaning, baking, and gardening — the usual stuff.

Oh, and wine. There will be wine.

I need to take something back to the Nordstrom Outlet (a bathrobe) but I’m not sure the Friday before Christmas is the best time to stand in line for that sort of thing. On the other hand, SHOPPING!

Tracking a pair of earrings I bought online that are due to be delivered today. Fingers crossed that I’ll love them or back they go, too. Three carat morganite studs. I hope they are pink and sparkly!

Angel Boy/DIL will be here for a couple of days, my tugboat man will be here on Tuesday.

No insights, no witty repartee, no review of product, and not a sponsored post.

Simply me, Princess Rosebud, sharing the boring details of my life.


Thank you for reading!

Please enjoy a favorite pic of my darling daughter cat, Bandit, before she died of chronic renal failure at the age of thirteen. She had the most kissable mouth EVER.Bandit in a box