Sunday Snapshots of a Backyard in Southern California

spidereggsToday I’m completing the job I started Saturday — washing windows and waging intense chemical warfare against the Invasion of the Spiders. I’m not sure why there are SO MANY spiders hatching this year, but they’re really freaking me out. 

Back to the garden…

California Buckwheat
Eriogonum fasciculatum foliolosum, California Buckwheat grows in the chaparral in very dry hot conditions. Small animals and birds use it for cover.


Baby Nectarines


A row of Pride of Madeira proudly standing guard
at the top of our property


Baby Plums


The first strawberry of the season!




Lemon Verbena
It smells exactly like Lemon Pledge


Snapdragons and Alstromeira


Rosebuds, of course!


The perils of being a domestic goddess

Spring cleaning can be hazardous to your health…

kitchen windowThere I was in my full-on Cinderella mode, first scrubbing the hearth and then trudging upstairs to the kitchen, washing the window above the sink, crouching–squatting really–on the tile counter–stretching my right arm at an awkward angle across my body to reach the very top of the glass, at which point I accidentally knocked over a cup of cold tea near my feet which made the counter slippery as ice at a skating rink and I couldn’t stop myself before I slipped off and fell on the very hard tile floor. Gracefully, I might add, and with no real damage done but a lot of bruises and a slightly sprained wrist. I thought I was gonna have to email TheFurFiles to have her surgeon hubby fly in for an emergency operation!

Alls well that ends well. I’m finished with the heavy work and now it’s time to work on me: a little exfoliating and self-tanning and a mani-pedi and I’ll be ready for my tugboat man!