Search for Answers with Tarot of the Missing

Sometimes blogs show up on the WordPress Reader that pique my interest and once I read the featured post, I’m hooked.

That’s the way it was with Tarot of the Missing (click on the link.)

Let me get this out of the way in the beginning so there’s no question about her integrity.

From her blog: “Please know that all readings conducted for missing people and children are always done on a voluntary and free basis. I only charge for regular readings that are not related to such situations or cases.”

I don’t know a lot about tarot but the essence of who Lis is comes out in every reading. She’s insightful, compassionate, kind, and empathetic and has vast knowledge of human nature AND tarot.

Please visit her blog; I think you’ll be as fascinated as I am by her readings.

When she wrote about the reading she did regarding the death of Rebecca Zahau, I couldn’t open the page fast enough. Here’s the post:

Her insight is REMARKABLE for someone who really didn’t know any of the details in this case from 2011.

This happened in my area, right near San Diego, across the bay in Coronado. Rebecca Zahau died under mysterious circumstance. About seven weeks after her death, officials with the Coronado Police Department, the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office and the sheriff’s homicide squad concluded that Zahau killed herself. 

They demonstrated how she tied the knots, placed the noose around her neck and threw herself over the balcony. Dr. Jonathan Lucas of the Medical Examiner’s Office, who performed Zahau’s autopsy, said her hand was still clutching the end of the rope that she used to tighten the binding around her wrists.

Zahau’s DNA was found on the knots of the rope and on one of the knives she used to cut the rope. Black paint was found on her hands and the rope. Her fingerprints were found on the paint tube and the other of the two knives. Her foot and heel prints were found in the dust on the balcony.

Authorities said she killed herself out of remorse for a fatal accident at the mansion two days earlier involving Jonah Shacknai’s 6-year-old son, Max. Zahau was looking after Max when he fell from a second-floor landing and was taken to the hospital in a coma.

None of that felt right to me; I never believed it was a suicide and neither did Rebecca’s family. They sued the person they felt responsible for her wrongful death, Adam Shaknai, brother of Zahau’s boyfriend Jonah Shacknai,

After a month long trial, jurors deliberated for a few hours Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning before awarding Zahau’s family more than five million dollars in damages.

Dan Webb, Shacknai’s lawyer, countered there was no evidence connecting him to the murder. Only Zahau’s fingerprints and DNA were found on the knives and the ropes she used to bind herself. He said Shacknai had been questioned and cleared by homicide investigators in Zahau’s death.

What I feel is of ultimate importance is that Adam Shaknai had extensive knot tying knowledge because he worked for a tugboat company and was alone with Zahau at the time of her death.

“The defendant Adam Shacknai was a tugboat captain, someone who was very familiar with maritime knotting,” Greer said.

“Zahau family attorney Greer said Shacknai, who was alone with Zahau at the 27-room beachfront mansion, sexually assaulted her, hit her over the head four times, and hung her nude body from a courtyard balcony. Greer said Shacknai staged it to make it look as if Zahau killed herself.

Far more important for Zahau’s mother and sister is a verdict they say vindicates their sister and contradicts investigations by the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office and Sheriff’s Department, which found she committed suicide.”

This is a great piece on Zahau:

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