My Alter Ego: Who is Princess Rosebud?

concertMEThank you for reading my blog!

Mom, grandma, shopper extraordinaire, animal activist, especially wolves and coyotes. I’ve been a veg since 1970.

My proudest accomplishment is being the stay-at-home mom of the brilliant Angel Boy and grandma to Angel Boy 2.0 and Angel Girl 2.0.

I love seashells and Chanel, rocks, gardening, baking,Β  chocolate, and everything with sparkles.

133 thoughts on “My Alter Ego: Who is Princess Rosebud?

  1. Ahoy there! I have just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you want to accept and participate just click here and follow the steps!

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  4. I’m so glad to find your blog. We share a few things… I’m a mariner’s wife and a writer/editor, so I guess we both love sailors and words haha Love your blog, keep up the good work!



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  6. Love your loves! I collect rocks myself (I’d have more seashells if we lived anywhere near water, which we don’t). I hear the GG series finale was quite shocking. I watch on Netflix so I’m a season behind. Gonna be a looooooong year of avoiding spoilers.


    • OK, I won’t give away the GG ending, let me know when you do watch it so we can compare our feelings about it! I’d love to see pix of your rock collection!

      On Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 3:47 AM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


  7. I love your style! And your resolution for the year!

    Happy to have found you through Guap, I look forward to following your work. – Christy


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  9. Hi,
    you wouldn`t believe it, when I was young I wanted to become a tug boat captain. Instead I became a scholar of Nordic literature and philosophy. But at least I live at the coast and have got a tiny boat I love πŸ™‚
    Thank you for visiting and following my blog.
    Greatings from the coast of North Norfolk


    • I think you did great with your intellectual pursuits, altho he has a lot of time to read books on long journeys! He’s read all of Joseph Conrad, probably could do a dissertation on him! I don’t want you to feel bad…but it’s 75 degrees and sunny here in SoCal. πŸ™‚


      • Hi, well I like Conrad too and wrote a paragraph about his novels in one of my blogs last autumn. I wrote my dissertation about Bert Brecht`s late lyrics and taught at the McGill University afterwards. But nevertheless I became specialised on illuminated manuscripts of the Carolingan time and did my researches in Uppsala and St. Gallen as well as in Dublin. But I am retired now and enjoy life at North Norfolk coast, writing books and articles.
        I miss the snow and winter where I am living now. It`s a pitty it`s all the time much too warm in winter. I lived in Sweden as a child and later in Finland and I am dreaming of those great winters there still.
        Have a great weekend


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  14. I just wanted to say Thank You. The “lance” idea in my chivalry articles for the title came from a comment you made on my page. I loved the idea of the lance, and several of the readers have too, so thank you for the idea.


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  22. Although not a mariners wife, my boyfriend is in the merchant navy and im finding it really hard, so rather then getting down about it i scoured the internet to find people in the same ‘boat’ (haha, pardon the pun). Im in england, in my early twenties and like i say not married but in a long term relationship but i think those are our only differences, Iv had lots of laughs reading your blog, keep up the good work!! πŸ™‚


      • HI! gone at the present time, Angola of all places which doesnt help the worrying side of the sea farers career. I am very tempted by your recipes! Although currently im going through a phase where even though hes only gone six weeks I want to look a changed woman on his return, where he doesnt recognise me when i go to meet him at the airport and instead a tiny beautiful woman will be waiting for him and then he’ll never want to go to sea again (haha!!), well thats the plan anyway so far not much change really, but we’ll see he’s about half way through now. I’d love to be able to blog, how very inspirational! Is your captain away at the present time?


      • Oh wow, mine has been to Angola, he HATED it. They were kept there kind of in a bad situation, started to not have food toward the end and he said he’d never go back there again! Are you able to email him? We have a secret code that if he uses it, I know that he’s in trouble and I should call the state dept and all that to get him out of wherever he is. I will do a an informational post about that, you helped to remind me! Right now he’s gone, but not that far away, and it’s relatively not dangerous. What is your bf’s job? I have done all kinds of crazy things when he’s gone for the “surprise” factor at the airport LOL, once I spray tanned so dark I didn’t look like myself, or I’ll straighten my super curly hair or wear an evening gown-usually he’s so tired from the long flights that I’m not sure he really notices until a couple days go by!


  23. Hello! I love tugboats, I often sit and watch the tugs on the water (not ocean-going tugs, just the river tugs). I also love seashells, rocks, and most other sea-related things. And baking. So here I am.


  24. Hi there, I saw something weird on twitter where I think it was you saying you didn’t write the customer service post.
    Here is the copy:
    Enchanted Seashells ‏@EnchantedCshel 4m

    Now this is a menage a trois I could do! How about you?
    Enchanted Seashells ‏@EnchantedCshel 12h

    R.I.P. Customer Service, Courtesy, Professionalism…Blah, Blah, Blah #badcusstomerservice #blogging #bloggers
    Enchanted Seashells ‏@EnchantedCshel 14h

    SO weird. I didn’t write this, does anyone have any idea how this happened? It got emailed to me. Follow…
    I don’t know if you are having any issues with the blog and/or twitter but I just wanted to let you know just in case.


  25. Thank you so much for reading my posts and letting me know that you liked what you read. I appreciate your stopping by and then have the pleasure of seeing your world. You have a marvelous, funny, quirky, honest and direct attitude and it is great fun reading your posts.


  26. Thank you for following my Blog and it’s with great pleasure that I also follow you. Your cause is really great and your blog very interesting, so it will be for me a way to learn more and more about this! Have a very nice week.


  27. Nice to meet you, Captain’s Wife. Thanks for liking our story. Granny’s family were captains too, so you have something in common. Maybe you can bring me a tuna sometimes. I’ll follow you, to learn more about you. Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend πŸ™‚


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