Humane Society News: Do You Know Where Your Dollars End Up?

This was sent to me by an animal loving friend.

I thought I’d pass it on because where we donate our hard earned dollars really ought to go directly for the care, protection, and defense of animals, not to fund outrageous salaries.

That’s why I donate directly to places like Dearborn Wolf Sanctuary, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, and Rescue from the Heart.

Mar 12 2015

HSUS Still Puts Pensions Ahead of Pets

When people find out that Humane Society of the United States isn’t affiliated with local humane societies and doesn’t run any shelters of its own, they usually ask where the $130 million HSUS receives in contributions goes.

 The answer: Not to local pet shelters. Instead, it funds HSUS’s fat cat CEO, pays for lobbyists and lawyers, or gets socked away at Caribbean hedge funds ($50 million in 2012 and 2013 alone).

It also paid millions to settle a federal racketeering lawsuit.

Here’s a metric of just how rotten HSUS is: In each of the past four years, HSUS has funneled more money to its own pension fund than it has contributed to help local pet shelters care for pets – you know, the shelters that actually provide care for the animals HSUS claims to love so much in their commercials.

Since 2010, HSUS has dumped nearly $10.7 million into pensions – 3.7 times more than the $2.9 million it has given to local pet shelters.

Here’s the most recently available data:

Year    Pension contributions    Shelter Donations

2010     $2,693,201                       $528,676

2011     $2,493,898                      $307,708

2012     $2,978,586                      $1,028,586

2013     $2,520,588                      $1,012,142

Total    $10,686,273                    $2,877,112

It doesn’t take long to see that HSUS is really all about one thing:  Helping itself.

HSUS itself acknowledges that between 3 and 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized in American shelters every year—about half of all pets that enter their doors.

While HSUS claims it’s “about protecting all animals,” it appears to prioritize lining its own pockets.

It’s little wonder that HSUS is under investigation by Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt for deceptive fundraising practices and consistently receives poor marks from charity watchdogs like CharityWatch and Charity Navigator.

If you want to help pets in your area and not HSUS executives’ bottom line, give to your local shelter.

8 thoughts on “Humane Society News: Do You Know Where Your Dollars End Up?

  1. I’ve written about this too. Humane Society seems to be good at keeping itself in business and that’s about it. Unfortunately, they are far from the only charity that gives nothing to anyone but themselves. I have little to give, but when I do, it’s always someplace I know well.

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  2. This type of thing is why I donate directly to local animal shelters and those where friends work, where I know the money goes to helping the animals.It is also the reason why I never give to the Red Cross or Goodwill Industries.I never even drop off my cast-offs to Goodwill.They go straight to our local St.Vincent de Paul Society thrift shop. It is run by all volunteers.They run a food pantry for anyone who needs help They use some monies not only to help some people in desperate cases,but also to give working families a one-time helping hand if they start to fall behind on their bills because of an unplanned expenditure,(lay-off,medical bill, etc.) They know if they can keep a family from falling behind on one house payment, they will not spiral into foreclosure. Living paycheck-to-paycheck will never allow you to catch-up.This is given without regard to religion or any other standard.
    Good for yo, getting the word out. Maybe more will be demanded of the HSUS.

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