Hunters ; wolves kill for “fun and sport” : The Truth

Still suffering from my broken wrist which makes typing slightly awkward and painful, so I’m gonna reblog this post about killing wolves. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m an assertive animal advocate.
**Stop killing wolves and coyotes and mountain lions
**Stop supporting any business/entertainment that uses elephants or other animals and profits by their abusive training and that includes Sea World
**Be kind to all animals and really, if you do care, stop eating them.

9 thoughts on “Hunters ; wolves kill for “fun and sport” : The Truth

  1. Like you, I am an animal activist too but I can understand some of the hunting practices for culling overabundance of animals in certain areas because they become a nuisance & dangerous for humans. I lived in the bush of Northwestern Ont. when the citizens of Toronto stopped the annual bear hunts in Ont. We were overrun with nuisance bears coming right into town & raiding our garbage cans because there wasn’t enough food for them. They were attacking our dogs & overcoming their fear of humans. The rangers finally had to shoot one nuisance bear since it was so dangerous.


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