Rest In Peace, Kathy ♥

Thank you Presents of Presence for your kind and loving tribute to one of our dear blogging friends. I echo your words. Rest in Peace, Sweet Kathy

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When I began blogging years ago, as anyone who’s been blogging for awhile, you know, we meet fellow bloggers and connect.  We connect through our blogs even if sometimes  our chosen subjects aren’t always relevant to the other person’s lives.  But we read each other’s blogs with enthusiasm to show support and to keep that good spiritual connection with our blogger friends.

Such was how I met Kathy Funkhouser and her blog IB Designs, USA so many years ago.  I’m not really into nautical flags so much, but I loved her enthusiasm for fishing, photography, her flag business and her sweet spirit.  We connected.

In fact, she used to make a ♥ at the end of her comments as we grew our friendship and it is because of her sharing how to make a ♥ (by the way, it’s by hitting ALT and number 3 and holding them down together)…

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1 thought on “Rest In Peace, Kathy ♥

  1. My heartfelt honor and gratitude for sharing the post here. I miss Kathy and the camaraderie we all shared. xo So glad we still have each other ♥♥♥


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