Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

First we mourn, then we fight.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg  official portrait

This isn’t the post I had planned for Saturday but we have all heard the devastating news.

On Rosh Hashanah, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Supreme Court Justice, died at the age of 87 from metastatic pancreatic cancer.

I think a lot of us had the same first thoughts; “Oh no, not HER” “Not now.””NOOO!!!”

We surely don’t need her gone, not now, not during this shitshow of a year that 2020 has become.

Hearing that horrible news (tragic for her family but tragic for our country and democracy, too) brought me back to the morning my mom (the original Charlotte) died of the same disease, metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Thanks to medical advancements, RBG was able to live a lot longer after diagnosis than my mom.

Hearing about her death brought up all those same traumatic feelings of loss that I felt when I found my mom had died. She lived with us and we had cared for her during her illness with the help of a great hospice.

I had checked on her at around 5am and she was fine, not in distress, still asleep, so I did a little cleaning and made my son’s breakfast so it’d be ready for him when he woke up ‘cos it was a school day. I don’t know what prompted me to check on her again so soon, but I did. She was still in the same position; she LOOKED like she was asleep, but there was a subtle difference. I had never seen a dead person in my entire 32 years on this earth, but I knew. I knew.

I checked her carotid artery and called the hospice nurse. I woke up Angel Boy (almost 7 years old) and managed to tell him all the right things. Hospice had suggested that I ask him if he’d like to kiss his grandma goodbye, so I did. And he did. That pretty much broke me, but I’m a stoic girl and you wouldn’t know I was broken. I can break on the inside but you won’t see it. Things had to be done so I did what needed to be done. I always do.

I miss my mom. Forever.

But this is about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a brilliant woman whose entire life was inspirational. Her loss is an epic tragedy.

About RBG’s life, the film “On The Basis of Sex” featured a song written and performed by Kesha. Here’s an acoustic version. It needs to be the anthem of our revolution.
First we mourn, then we fight.

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Here Comes the Change

One day I’ll be gone
The world will keep turning
I hope I leave this place
Better than I found it
Oh it’s hard, I know it’s hard
To be the lightning in the dark
Hold on tight you’ll be alright
You know it’s time
Here comes the change
We’re comin’ of age
This is not a phase
Here comes, here comes, the change
Is it a crazy thought?
That if I had a child
I hope they live to see the day
That everyone’s equal
Oh it’s hard I know it’s hard
To be the right inside the wrong
Hold on tight we’ll be alright
You know it’s time
Oh here comes the change
Oh we’re comin’ of age
This is not a phase
Here comes here comes the change
Hope there’ll come a time when we
We can live in and die free
I hope…

11 thoughts on “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

  1. My deepest condolences for your Mom, and may your heartfelt memories be blessings.


    RBG along with Julia Morgan was/is one of my faves. Not even for what she said and did, though for her Presence As Architecture. RBG was/is/and will be a force for posterity good.I simply hope her way accessorizes the current environment with the substance and goodness she not only stood for, thought put in place. I bow my head for RBG. I bow my head for your Mom. May your memories be blessings. We are all better in this world for having RBG. May the world also know it is a better place for having your Mom.

    Liked by 1 person

      • You’re most welcome! Julia Morgan was an Architect, contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright. If you’ve seen Casa Grande, aka the William Randolph Hearst mansion, that’s all her.

        Legendary patience in your Mom speaks volumes with hardly a word. The loss of RBG is a great loss to the world at any time, and yes, especially in this racial ferment and divisive political climate. She wasn’t one of the great women Justices. She was a great Justice regardless of gender. Wise and forthright with vision and perspective and empathy and passion and verve and conscientious fact structures she effectively assembled. RBG, if you’ve seen the movie of same, was a complete person. She and Marty were a force in life and love and law.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Really. Well, my mom and I toured Hearst Castle when I was in high school. Interesting. I never saw the RBG films and prob won’t, but I know she had a lovely marriage and I’m happy for her. My mom had way more patience than I ever did, and I used to get so angry at her, and she’d just say, “Oh, Rosebud,” Well, she actually used my real name, but you get the gist.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Pun intended, the RBG movie really did her justice.

        I get the gist. I highly recommend the movie RBG. It’s more a epic than a documentary. Call it a Biepic rather than a biopic. Understood you probably won’t watch it, though.

        Liked by 1 person

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