Indigenous Peoples’ Day

This year, October 10 is known as Columbus Day. Some states have proposed legislation to legally replace the holiday, but as of today, none have passed.

I don’t acknowledge Columbus Day because it’s more of the same; entitled males making unilateral decisions without regard for anything but their own selfishness.

They continually attempt to push candidates and legislation that will eventually completely strip women of any right to autonomy over our own body.

Even the grandkids know what this day really is all about: good for my son/DIL talking TRUTH.

6 thoughts on “Indigenous Peoples’ Day

  1. I agree about the symbolism, but Columbus actually was pretty cool, he went to a lot of trouble to follow his dream, and it did not turn out well. Europeans would have done what they did no matter if Columbus never existed. Christianity and Islam have had terrible effects on the world, but that is not the fault of the Profit or the Christ or Christianity or Islam. What was once considered good often turns out to be bad, but that doesn’t mean it was never good, or even that “good” and “bad” are absolutes.

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  2. Fads, bandwagons, flavors of the month, memes, new paradigms, viruses, wash, rinse, repeat.
    Colonizers exploit and destroy the previous colonizers, over and over again.

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