No, I didn’t burn down the house, not this time…

If you saw a fire engine in front of Casa de Enchanted Seashells, it wouldn’t be too surprising because I’ve accidentally almost burned it down a couple of times. Stupid candles…

This time, however, the hook and ladder was here because I spotted smoke off in the distance at the lagoon. There was no way to give dispatch a precise address, so they sent the engine here so the firefighters could see what I had observed and then they’d know where to go.

It turned out that one of the firefighters not only was present at last year’s huge fire a few blocks away, but he knew my son from high school, so we had a lovely chat about that sort of thing.

He taught me how to determine what kind of fire it was by the color of the smoke, which was super interesting. In this case though, they weren’t exactly sure themselves what we were looking at, so they drove away to check it out.

I asked if I could ride along with them, but it wasn’t possible, I’m sorry to say.

I had errands to run and when I returned, the smoke was gone, so I assume whatever it was got resolved. We often have fires from the homeless that live at the lagoon along with hot and dry conditions, ripe for a major incident, so I’m glad I did my civic duty and called.

Here’s a link to the major fire January 2021:

PS The photo is from yet another fire on the lagoon from a few years ago in pretty much the exact same location as the smoke from yesterday. What I saw was half the size of what’s in the pic, thank goodness.

2 thoughts on “No, I didn’t burn down the house, not this time…

  1. I am glad you are vigilant. This winter my city has seen many more fires, and deaths from fires than usual. Two days ago there was a fire just around the corner from me and a 56 year old died. Turned out he was wearing ‘flammable’ clothing that caught when he was cooking. Now I have to go find out Whig clothing is flammable.

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