The Scrub Jays are Back! Yay!

What an amazing Saturday!

I was out in the back garden, actually up on the hill, clearing out a ton of baby jade plants that had taken over and choked out some natives. It’s a BIG project because I have to haul them down the hill and they’re heavy.

It was so quiet that I could hear at least six different birds including a woodpecker and a couple hawks.

And then came the familiar squawk of one of my favorite friends, the scrub jay!

I usually have raw peanuts or almonds because they return every year with new babies, but I was all out of their treats. These birds are so smart, they’ve learned to eat out of my hand, which is an amazing connection.

Come back tomorrow, you guys! I’ll go to the grocery store.

They were right above me, but I only had my phone so these photos aren’t as great as the other one. Can you believe how blue that sky is? It’s totally untouched and unfiltered.

A tree fell over, most likely because my absent minded professor son planted it on a slope about fifteen years ago and didn’t realize how gigantic it would become. Now it blocks the path to the top of the hill and we have to walk over or under, or perch on it like the scrub jay!

Yes, it’s WILD up there, that’s why bobcats and coyotes and all sorts of creatures love to stop by.

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