Heron on House

We live near a lagoon and some of it is still pristine, offering safe nesting sites for sandpipers and snowy egrets and Great Blue Herons like the one in this picture. I saw him as he flew overhead and landed on our neighbor’s house. He was kind enough to wait there long enough for me to run in the house for my camera.

As I’m typing, I hear the song of a red-tailed hawk circling my yard and off in the distance a rooster crowing. Early Sunday mornings are AWESOME. I hope your day is just as tranquil!

28 thoughts on “Heron on House

      • There is this show on HGTV (Home and Garden Television if you don’t get it) called Live Here Buy This where you can go on, tell them how much your current house is worth, and they will find you other houses in other places in the world you might like to live. We might try to go on there to see what else is out there…


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