Breaking News: See-Through Yoga Pants From Lululemon. Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

Listen up, ladies!

Do I hear a WTF? A what-what?

Even in the midst of body conscious Suthern Caly-forn-eye-A, we who aspire to the “forever young” mantra know what yoga pants mean. They mean we don’t have to always think about holding it in, they mean we can EAT, they mean it HIDES imperfections and flaws while we are in pursuit of perfection, they mean we can — for the duration of the wearing of yoga pants –NOT be self-haters or ashamed of our silhouette in the reflection of a shop window.

At least that’s what yoga pants did for me. Until now, that is.

see through yoga pantDid you think that all the attention you were getting at the gym or the grocery store or running errands was because your beauty was shining though and the universe was responding to your inner goodness and wit and intelligence?

WELL…maybe that’s true, but it could also have been this. Lululemon is recalling some of their yoga pants because of a teensy weensy transparency “issue”.

Yup, you can see through ’em.

yogapantrecallYour (and my own) overpriced and overhyped little Lululelmon logo embellished workout wear lets it all hang out for the world to see.

According to a Lululemon company statement, the recall is due to “the coverage… resulting in a level of sheerness in some of our women’s black Luon bottoms that falls short of our very high standards.”


The transparent pants, which resulted in a recall of 17% of product, are the fourth quality-control issue that Lululemon has had this year.

For the outrageous price of a Lululemon product, would it be too much to expect that they’re well-made?

Seventy percent of their clothing is manufactured in third-world countries with factories in China, Taiwan, South Korea, South America, Israel, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Lululemon website explains, “Global economic forces…have shifted manufacturing to more cost-attractive locations and resulted in closures of some domestic factories.”

Good times, y’all!

Instead of using the goddess-given benefits of Spandex to crunch and smash together all my cellulite into one hot tight mass of “muscle”, everything I DON’T want the world to see is OUT THERE. I’ve been OUTED.

Hell, even I don’t want to see that cottage cheese on the back of my legs. Now I have to be stressed out that YOU can see it, too?

And what’s worse? My confession? I don’t wear underpants under my workout gear. I hate  panty lines; they just bother me. Now I learn that it’s all on display and I never knew it.

Apparently I’ve been giving it away for free, as my mom would have said. Not only my butt, my cellulite, and my C-section scar, but — oh joy –you can discover whether I’ve had a full Brazilian OR NOT.

i’m ashamed to say that I bought into the hype —which is huge in SoCal — and I’m gonna march myself right on to the Lululemon shop in La Costa at The Forum and hand them back so I can get my $79.00 plus tax put back on my credit card and hippity hop over to Target and buy several new very densely packed yoga/workout pants for about $25.00 each. A much better bargain and my girly parts and cellulite will stay private.

image-via-funnydictionary.com_-300x213I read online about several different girls who attempted to return a pair of pants at Lululemon and were forced to wear them and bend over to show that it was sheer to the employee.

That is so crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy.  I think you prolly have a very good picture of what would happen if a salesperson insisted I bend over.


Lululemon blames the manufacturere who says in response..”All shipments to Lululemon went through a certification process which Lululemon had approved. All the pants were manufactured according to the requirements set out in the contract with Lululemon,” [Eclat Chief Financial Officer Roger Lo.]

christine Day, CEO LululemonLululemon CEO Christine Day replaced Lululemon founder Chip Wilson in 2007. Before that, she was an executive at Starbucks. She has been criticized for growing the company too fast with a resulting loss of quality.

I don’t want to put the hate on a woman at the helm of anything, but I think women in positions of ultimate power have a tendency to model themselves after males in similar positions and forget the wonderfulness of our gender.

Don’t try to mimic a male; instead, be the best HUMAN you can be.

60 thoughts on “Breaking News: See-Through Yoga Pants From Lululemon. Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

  1. Heehee! I had heard of this one! Thankfully, I only wear yoga-type pants to straight my chiropractor’s office (for shiatsu massage) and for PJs!! For this, everyone else can be truly grateful. 🙂


  2. I can just see them in the store now, “Yup, yup, I can see everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING – clear through these tights. Turn around. Let me see from the front. OK, we’ll return them.” Or not. Lululemon, you are too much. And too expensive. I’ll have to check the one pair I own and see if they are OK.

    Funny, I refuse to work out in Lululemon anything. Their stuff is just for lounging. I wouldn’t want to get $100 pants all sweaty and gross. I’ll do that with my $30 Winners Adidas instead. 😉

    Though I did buy a top to wear for my exercise videos that I’m working on, but again, that’s special.

    Thanks for the head’s up Seashells. Leave it to you to track down a fashion faux pas such as this.


  3. Hmmm no one is wearing them here. Everyone is just going to the supermarket etc in Onesies.More of a cover up and no less glamerous….if you want to look like a giant baby/bear/bunny/cow…………x


  4. They are all the rage with young women in the UK and as a man I have to say, they can look damn good (on the right person).

    Shall I go and hang myself now – or is it polite to wait for the mob?


  5. PREACH Girl! I have some overly expensive Lulu pants and am now TERRIFIED that I’m giving an eyeful to the pour soul behind me in hot yoga. Oh boy. I do love the Champion brand pants they sell at Target. Thick and trustworthy!


  6. Oh dear lord, I’m in tears over here. From laughing, not because my pants are see-through. Love me some Tar-jay Champion pants!

    (I don’t wear undies either with most workout gear. That’s what they’re lined for!)


  7. This is so silly! I can’t believe a company would accidentally manufacture see-through pants. A lot of the kids I supervise at work tend to have skin-tight transparent yoga pants because they’re college kids – they wear and wash them to death. But coming straight off the rack see-through? C’mon now!


  8. I love Athleta yoga pants. Maybe you can try them? I hear good things about the target brand too but haven’t brought any yet. Been trying to lose weight so not buying much new clothes in the mean time.


  9. Hahahaha! I read this in the news a few weeks ago and laughed (since I didn’t own any myself!)
    The sales clerks who insisted on a demo should be stripped and made to sit out in the mall all day. Booyah! 🙂


  10. Yesterday I went up the escalator behind a woman with super tight yoga pants on and a hole in them where I could see her bum (apparently no undies) and thought of your post. Random update for you.


  11. Gives new meaning to the phrases: “All your troubles are behind you,” “Will you back me up on this one?”, “I feel like you can see right through me,” and Do I look fat in this?”


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