Guide to Camping Preparations: Princess Rosebud-Style


Princess Rosebud Hiking Guide

Me at Slough Creek Campground in Yellowstone. Pose it, girl!
Chanel sunglasses, of course.

Me on rocks near river

22 thoughts on “Guide to Camping Preparations: Princess Rosebud-Style

  1. I think there is always someone who is the organizer in every couple. When we travel I do all the packing & hubby supplies the muscle to load & organize the vehicle. Hopefully, talking about the other dets of the trip will keep you from missing your tugboat man too much!


    • You’re so right, but to be honest, I really do more than I alluded to! I pack all the food and cooking stuff, plan the meals, bedding, take care of the money, But he does all the driving; even tho I offer, he really likes to be in charge, a captain all the way, ha ha! Missing him for sure, in spite of the 8 loads of laundry. PS Went to the doc, can take off the cast/brace and start PT next week. The xrays show it’s healing and didn’t migrate. I’m so sorry you’ve had a tougher time!

      On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 4:12 PM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


      • Hope you didn’t think I was disparaging your part of the organizing for the trip – I was just showing how things seem to get divided up. Hubby looks after getting the vehicle ready besides supplying muscle. Glad to hear about your wrist, you must be so sick of your cast by now! I know I couldn’t wait to get rid of mine.


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