Blooming Blossoms in the Midst of a Drought

Apparently, we’re  in the middle of another drought in Southern California.

Winter is usually our rainy season but iIt hasn’t rained since December.

Water is very expensive; even though we plant a lot of drought tolerant plants, they still need to be watered occasionally.

With fires in Los Angeles started by stupid people who decided that eighty-five degree sunny weather was the perfect time for a campfire, and the howling winds stirring up dust and drying out my garden, I was still able to find a few colorful flowering plants that are strong enough to survive these crazy record high temperatures.

Anyone else thinking climate change thoughts?

Orchid FlowerorchidflowercloseupFlowering Succulent succulentflowercloseupSweet AlyssumsweetalyssumcloseupYellow Perennial Daisy

30 thoughts on “Blooming Blossoms in the Midst of a Drought

  1. Our weather is strange too. In the middle of deepest winter, it’s more like spring. The dogs are shedding, apparently having their DNA triggered by the unusually warm weather. I don’t mind not being buried in snow … but the lack of snow has other consequences … like no renewal of the aquifer by melting snow in the spring. Well, winter’s not over yet, I guess. We’ll see. The seasons have been weird for a while. No change in global weather patterns here, eh?


  2. How pretty. We are just warm enough that our annuals don’t always die year to year, but nothing blooms in the winter other than the same raggedy pansies.


  3. This has been such a botched public announcement- Global Warming. This phrase gave so many the impression that their climates would rise in temperature, when in fact, the accurate term should be Climate Change. Climate change is an ongoing process. It creates extremes in climate- hot/cold/dry/wet/. It is caused by many things, and has been a part of the history of our planet since the beginning. What HAS changed is the acceleration of Climate Change, due to increased carbons in the atmosphere. All fossil fuel emissions are responsible, of which the USA has the most stringent laws. Currently the atmosphere is being challenged by the emissions of eastern Europe and China- which have no (to very little) regulations.
    Nice pic’s btw!


    • Thank you! Hub knows a fair bit about weather stuff, he’s not a meteorologist, but all mariners depend upon the kindness of weather ha ha, and he’s out in the middle of the oceans and sees a lot from different perspectives and HE thinks it’s weird esp since he also spends so much time in the arctic, which is where he’ll be going next, don’t think down your way for a while… BTW everyone needs to read your post today. I think I’m gonna reblog it if you’ll let me???

      On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 10:04 AM, Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugbo


  4. Lovely flowers. And yes, something is definitely going on with the weather/the earth/everything. We had freezing weather and then it went up to plus 8, which is pretty warm. Some people think it isn’t true. That’s just crazy.


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