Black Crows…Counting Crows…A LOT of Crows.

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary…”
crows7I did not intentionally trick you into thinking I was referring to the musical groups,  OR DID I?

OK, yes I did, hee hee. Sorry. 

And sorry for the uninspired Poe reference.

I don’t know about other parts of the country, but we here in Carlsbad are being INUNDATED with crows.

Actually, I think they’re really ravens, but I’m not sure.

There are SO many that it’s now a topic of conversation and everyone stops to take pics when they fly back to wherever they roost in the late afternoon just before sundown.

It’s like an end-of-the-world scenario. Or a Hitchcock movie.

Yesterday, I heard an amazingly loud cacophony, ran upstairs, and took a series of photos.

Some people, like my aunt, used to call them, “miserable crows” but I like them.

I know crows/ravens/whatever they are, are highly intelligent creatures.

I know that wolves and ravens have a social and mutually beneficial relationship.

Can you count the crows? Or ravens? 

crows6In all the trees as far as the eye can see, a murder of crows or a congress of ravens. Whatever. All I know for sure is that there are a shitload of birds here.crows8 A little after school learning going on.crows1 The birds are coming, the birds are coming!crows3 Who’s up for a soccer game?crows4

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26 thoughts on “Black Crows…Counting Crows…A LOT of Crows.

  1. We had a bunch of crows outside my office for a few weeks in the fall. Other than my friends making murder jokes, my wish for Rod Taylor from “The Birds” and the cute car didn’t materialize :-/


  2. We have a murder of crows that periodically inhabit a Giant Sequoia tree across the street from me. They set up a raucous chorus that seems to go on for hours, After a day of low flying, terrorizing small animals, including dogs and cats, they disappear. I’m expecting them again any day now, and it bothers me if they don’t show up, as if the universe has tilted.


  3. I have millions of them in my yard in Iowa. As I type this they are raiding my bird feeders. I try to put bread out on the ground so they will eat that and stay away from the feeders but that does not work. I am always going and slamming the kitchen door to scare them aware. Ugh. I hate crows. I guess they must be everywhere.


  4. I get a lot of crows and I’ll admit I don’t like it when they all land in my yard. You can catch me almost any day standing at my kitchen door clapping my hands loudly to chase them away.


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