HellFire…Haiku For You


Scorching smoldering
Hot dry smoky swirly winds
SoCal inferno

carlsbad fire Photos taken yesterday from our upstairs window.carlsbadfire2Poem and photos…
Copyright 2014 Princess Rosebud, Enchanted Seashells, Confessions of a Tugboat Captain’s Wife



23 thoughts on “HellFire…Haiku For You

  1. wow. I’ved been watching news reports and praying for you folks in the midst of the inferno. I have several folk In the blogosphere near your area and just am keeping my fingers crossed for you all – safety of self and home. I’m so neurotic, I ‘d have to have stuff stacked by the door and ready to throw in the car to evacuate with. I found 4 bushel baskets of shells in my mother’s stuff – shells we had picked up during years of trips to the beach. one basket was nothing but different sizes of perfect sand dollars. my husband told me I didn’t need them. Well, the baskets of shells now live at my house.


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