High Desert and Big Rocks

We’re back from Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in the Mojave Desert.

wolf mountain sanctuary I’ll post about our experience at the sanctuary, but it was mostly sad. Sad that these magnificent creatures NEED to be rescued. Sad that they can’t roam free, sad they’re hunted, tortured, hated. They are among the most intelligent and evolved species. How dare we destroy them. Sad. Very sad.

On the way home, we stopped at an amazing outcropping of rocks for a  little hike and picnic lunch.
mohave1 mohave2 The Mojave Desert is also known as the High Desert because of its elevation.mohave3 Blue sky and rocks.mohave4 Ick.mohave5 mohave6 mohave7 LOVE this pic.mohave8 Rock climber Not me.mohave9 mohave10 mohave11#highdesert #mojave #desert #wolves #hiking

12 thoughts on “High Desert and Big Rocks

  1. Every breed of dog is a descendant of the wolf, so dog lovers should love them as well! Thanks for sharing these awesome photos. I’ve never been to the desert.

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  2. Amazing that this sanctuary was so close to where I grew up and I didn’t even know it was there…
    Question: Mohave? Not Mojave?
    I’m going to have to pack up the little prince and queen and venture out to visit the wolves at some point, too. Thanks for sharing your pictures, and for reminding us about these beautiful creatures so we can help their cause as well.


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