It started raining in the middle of the night, so hard it woke me up.

Rain, wind, five inches of snow in our local mountains — is this May or is it December?

I was worried about my little hummingbird and her full nest.

How would they weather the storm?

First thing this morning, I looked out the kitchen window and there she is, swaying back and forth on the hummingbird wind chimes under the eaves, safe and dry.

See the rain coming down? What a smart mom to choose a home that’s protected from the elements and allows her to survey the entire back yard.

hummyMay8rainHumans can learn a lot about good parenting from other species.HummyMay7

There is no more important job than caring for her young.

Soon enough, they’ll hatch and grow and fly away, leaving her with that empty nest she worked so hard to build.

Maybe that’s what her tiny little hummingbird mind ponders as she sits there hour after hour.

And I know exactly how she feels.



  1. I would think you all would be very glad to see rain considering the drought situation that has existed for the past bunch of years. I know, with all our complaining about the snow, we all were thinking that finally, the aquifer would fill up and we would not be under drought conditions — and our drought is a lot less severe than yours. Mother Nature is having fun with us. Or maybe just messing with us. We deserve worse.

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    • It’s THE major news story here. Lots of TV people doing remotes from the beach or the mountains, standing in the rain with umbrellas. (Did you know I worked for a local TV news station years ago? I wrote copy until I couldn’t stand it anymore. It’s hard for me to contain my writing to 3 syllables or less.) For sure, I was filling up buckets and trash cans to save as much water as possible There probably won’t be much more rain today, but any little bit helps.


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