Warning: This is not about happy cows

Cc0kDT8WEAAsZG0NO NO NO NO. Do not turn away or scroll past this. This is US. (well, not me specifically, but collectively as part of the (in)human(e) race.

We need to see this.

YOU need to see this.

It needs to resonate with us to our very core.

STOP EATING MEAT AND drinking the breast milk of other species!

Don’t say you love animals and write “rescue” on your FB profile if you plan to grill a steak tonight or make some cheesy lasagna or buy a pair of Uggs.

Stop contributing to the cruelty of animals. Stop being a hypocrite.

We will never right the wrongs or stop the torture these innocent animals have endured and will continue to endure until our collective conscience changes.

This is disturbing, but what is more disturbing is the lack of compassion for other living things.

It’s hard to live in such a cruel world. It really is. When are we going to rise up and demand the end to needless slaughter of innocent animals?

**These dairy farmers face charges for allegedly torturing cows with weapons, including blowtorches (warning: graphic)

featured image courtesy of https://t.co/cq0NHFIdHM

2 thoughts on “Warning: This is not about happy cows

  1. “The suspects are identified as Mario Hernandez, 31, who is charged with causing cruel death, pain and suffering, a felony.

    Fernando Lopez-Cruz, 44, and Naul Dorantes-Garcia, 31, are facing misdemeanor charges of cruelty to animals.

    Authorities say there is a warrant out for the arrest of a fourth individual from the farm.

    Sheriff Stephen also announced that he is looking at a fourth dairy farm, Davie Dairy, in the criminal investigation that started with workers from Animal Rescue Mission infiltrating the dairy operations….” http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/florida/fl-sb-arrests-in-new-cow-torture-videos-20171214-story.html


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