My no good, very bad day

I’m window washing today. And the screens, too.

The house next door was finally sold –to flippers, who have been there seven days a week getting it ready to be re-sold.

They are SOOOO inconsiderate.

First of all, there’s the noise.

And then the LOUD music from their workers.

And the best day was when I saw they were painting a fence that was NOT a neighbor fence, that was entirely on MY property, which means not only did they trespass, but they vandalized. When I pointed out the property line, they said, “oops, we didn’t know”, so my reply was that a neighborly conversation to clarify would have been appropriate, and if they had also simply LOOKED, they would have seen the difference between the actual property line fence and the one twenty-four effing inches away from it.

To add insult to injury, the new owner/flipper said, “Well, it looked like crap anyway; it’s falling apart.” which is not entirely true, but it did need to be re-stained.

BUT NOT BY THEM. And not that shitbrown color. And not without my express permission.

Entitled narcissists.

THEN they started sanding something or other outside and the way the wind blows here, it all came my way and covered the windows.

Am I beyond pissed off? Oh yes.

The grit from their sanding is all over my paper towels, so PROOF.

Entitled narcissists.

Why are people so inconsiderate?

And that’s why I’m washing windows and screens today.


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