Going gray

At least four of my friends took a chance and stopped coloring their hair and are in the process of allowing it to return to whatever natural color it might have been.

Some of them actually started doing it before the salons were shut down, while a couple of friends decided to use this opportunity to embrace the gray.

Oh, that’s not ME:  I like my hair color a lot, and it’s been pretty easy retaining it on my own, but I decided that my blog needed a makeover. I’ve been blogging since 2012 and color palettes have changed. I’ve changed too, and wanted to move away from pink and turquoise.

I spent a bit of time doing a photo shoot with rocks and seashells and pearls–I’m pretty satisfied with the results as it clearly represents the things I love.

In general, I love the color gray. I have gray carpeting, I love silvery, sparkly things, and is there anything more beautiful than a gray beach rock, almost too hot to touch from a million years of absorbing sunshine?

In the color palette, gray is the midpoint between black and white. Some people think gray is boring, but I find it elegant and calm and a great canvas for all of the other colors in the rainbow.

Gray is an old soul, having endured countless life experiences, and is thought to be wildly insightful. However, gray only offers its pearls of wisdom when asked to, unlike me, who might at times offer unsolicited advice.

The color gray respects boundaries, making it a peaceful presence. It offers tranquility and serenity, and can’t we all benefit from more of that? I know I can.

How could I forget the silvery moon? Tonight is the Flower Moon (supermoon), so actually, it’s named after me, haha. This full moon in Scorpio has a spiritual, healing, and compassionate influence. This is the first positive moon phase for six weeks, and a great night to manifest positive intentions, compassion, and love.

Are any of my fellow bloggers using this forced isolation to re-do your blog themes?


6 thoughts on “Going gray

  1. I love your new banner photo! I tend to change mine with the seasons.

    I let go of coloring my hair back in 2012 when I’d been doing a lot of healing work and felt authentic with natural hair. Plus, I had to touch up way too often and the colorant was starting to burn my scalp. I grew it out and just before my father’s funeral, it was finally long enough to chop off, giving me a short, sporty do for a while. I love how it’s multicolor and really soft now.

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  2. I like the new look!
    As for hair, I’ve let the gray have its way for several years now. There’s not that much, but I feel that I need to accept who I am at every stage of life. I’m not a youngster any more and there is no need to try to look like one! It’s part of my authenticity plan. However, I don’t expect everyone to feel that way, so keep the blonde if that makes you happy!

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